A surprising opinion of Apoloniusz Tajner at the Four Hills Tournament.  I will say something unclear.

The Polish jumpers were terrible in the first competition of the Four Hills Championship. Only David Kobaki was in the second series in Oberstdorf. However, Apollonius Tajner sees the positives of Wednesday’s struggle. Talk about this with the “WP Sportowe Fakty”.

Biało-Czerwoni has won four of the last five editions of the Four Hills Championship. It is already known that this time they will not refer to those successes. They lost their chances of winning in Oberstdorf.

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Polish employees are going through a serious crisis since the beginning of winter. It is possible that the players will return to the country after competing in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. However, the decision is up to Michai Doyal.

If on New Year’s Day the results are similar to those in Oberstdorf, we will definitely contact the coach again and consider what to do next. The decision is 100% up to the coach, we are not responsible for the coach’s request – Apoloniusz Tajner confirmed.

The president of the Polish Ski Association was surprised by his opinion in an interview with “WP Sportowe Fakty”. In his opinion, the competition in Oberstdorf was better than it was for our players.

I will say something unclear, but despite the result in Oberstdorf, with complete exception, I see an upward trend in the boys. For example, Dawid Kubacki made a good jump in the first series. However, he had such a strong wind in his back that it was difficult for him to fly away. Butrek also found himself in very bad conditions, but in a series of experiments, jumping 137 meters, he showed that he could do a lot. Wsek and Wolny did well. If not for the pair system, it would be in the thirties – Valuable.

The hill was definitely not the problem. Camille Stoch’s period was weaker. It was not his property in Oberstdorf. For him, the struggle for victory in the tournament ended. Now he will be a free jump, as he approaches the competition as training and preparation for the Olympics. This could be useful to you. He probably wanted a lot on Wednesday and was very nervous – Been completed.

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