The new PS Plus will provide users with an 'easy' way to switch between viewing levels

Last week, the Japanese announced the launch of PS Plus Premium, among others, in Poland, while today we can provide details on the official subscription prices. Customers will be able to take advantage of three offers, but more interested customers will likely choose the more expensive option.

Sony plans to offer an updated version of its services for a long time. With Xbox Game Pass growing in popularity, many industry watchers have been just waiting for the Japanese giant to step in – and while the new PS Plus may not necessarily be considered a response to the US subscription, since June many gamers will be able to convince themselves of a few amenities. We recently reported that the Polish PlayStation community can also count on a faster launch of the service.

Players will benefit from three plans – For the classic PS Plus model, this time called PlayStation Plus Essential, you will have to pay PLN 37 per month, PLN 100 for 3 months or PLN 240 for 12 months of access. In this regard, we can not talk about very large departures.

However, if we want to use the catalog of PS5 and PS4 games, we must prepare from PLN 58 to up to PLN 400. However, this is not the end, because as part of PlayStation Plus Premium, which will include access to titles from classic PlayStation platforms, we will have to We have to spend more. Additional attractions will raise the price – from PLN 70 per month to up to PLN 480 per year of subscription.

Playstation plus essential

  • Upgrade your PlayStation experience with essential features like access to online multiplayer, downloading a PS4 game, two PS5 games every month, exclusive discounts, and more.
  • Price for 1 month 37.00 PLN
  • Price for 3 months 100.00 PLN
  • Price for 12 months 240.00 PLN

Playstation Plus Extra

  • Enjoy all the benefits of PlayStation Plus Essential and discover a world of amazing games thanks to the list of games, with hundreds of titles downloadable on PS4 and PS5.
  • Price for 1 month 58.00 PLN
  • Price for 3 months 165.00 PLN
  • Price for 12 months 400.00 PLN

PlayStation Plus Premium

  • Enjoy all the benefits of the rest of the plans, limited-time gaming experiences, PlayStation classics from the catalog of classics, and cloud streaming* to play hundreds of titles from each catalog without waiting for downloads.
  • Price for 1 month 70.00 PLN
  • Price for 3 months 200.00 PLN
  • Price for 12 months 480.00 PLN
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