Elden Ring will receive ray tracing support, but PC gamers are louder and louder than the quality of the game

The developers from From Software are working on fixing the first issues with Elden Ring, but the developers aren’t just planning to fix bugs. In the future, the game will receive ray tracing support – although the top priority for developers should be to tame the game on PC.

Elden Ring collects excellent reviews from journalists from all over the world, but I can doubt that most editorial offices (like ours) work on consoles. The From Software title works best on Sony and Microsoft devices.

The developers have already announced the first changes to the Elden Ring, and in the near future important improvements will be added to PS5 and PC, but from Software I was surprised with another plan.

The team behind Elden Ring confirmed that they intend to add ray tracing to the element in the future:

Ray Tracing implementation dates, which will be added after launch, will be revealed in future announcements.

The developers aren’t confirming details of when the files will arrive in the game, but we can suspect RT’s Elden Ring will make a paw – although not everyone will be able to count on the 60 FPS always-on in this case.

From the software, however, there’s a much bigger annoyance now, because Elden Ring works quite differently on PC – some players report that the title offers normal gameplay, some report slight dips, and others complain about drops that completely prevent gameplay.

Here are some reviews from Steam:

“It was the last pre-order in my life. Every positive effect of the game is destroyed by optimization that lies and screams. This is Lag Souls! I felt like I got hit in the mouth with a damp cloth! So beat me with it!”

“The game is not optimized for PC. I do not advise you to buy if someone is going to play this crap on a PC.”

“The user interface and the way to close the popups is a complete drama. Why is the console port ported to the PC?!!!”

“Improving at the level of manure”

“White screen with the cursor that freezes afterwards.”


“RTX 3080/I9-10900K – Jamming like hell. Game looks good, but it’s not smooth at all.”

“The game crashes after a few seconds, during which you can only see a white screen with a cursor, from what I have read, many people have the same problem. I hope he can fix it.”

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