Polish volleyball players met their rivals in the fight for the bronze medal.  Great chance for a rematch

On Saturday, Polish volleyball players faced a chance for a historic promotion to the Nations League final. Stefano Lavarini’s players faced China in the semi-finals. In the group stage, our players defeated their rivals 3: 0. Unfortunately, this time the Asians won 3: 0 (25:18, 25:23, 25:13).

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Monica Vidosio is the best volleyball player of the season! The choice was not clear.

Türkiye is too strong for the United States, the second killer group

Thus, the Poles were left fighting for third place. Their opponents will be Americans. In the second semi-final, the Olympic champions from Tokyo faced the Turks, who dominated the match from the start. They quickly built an advantage in the first group (11:6). They didn’t bring it back until the end. Although the players of Karş Kiraly managed to get close to the leader by two points in the end, the match ended with the victory of Turkey 25:21.

The second part is the presentation of Daniele Santarelli’s players. Despite the even start, the Americans quickly lost touch with their rivals, who eventually recorded a knockout streak of six winning events in a row (23:12). After a while, it was after the group, in which the Turks confidently won 25:14.

The Americans rival the Polish women in the Nations League bronze medal match. The tiebreaker was close

In the third match, the picture of the meeting changed. New forces entered the volleyball players from the United States and they were slightly ahead most of the time. However, the Turkish players did not give up and first jumped two points (20:18), and then developed two balls for the match (24:22). The Americans showed a great will to fight at this point, winning four moves in a row, as a result of which the whole group 26:24.

Equally great sentiments accompanied the fourth installment. The Americans were already losing by five points (15:19), but in the end they were very close to equalizing. From 21:24, they won four more moves and had a set-piece. However, the rivals responded with a series of three points, winning the whole match 3: 1 (25:21, 25:14, 26:24, 27:25).

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Thus, the Turkish women will play for gold, and the Americans will be our competitors in the bronze medal match. Thus, Lavarini’s players will have a chance to take revenge for the defeat in the group stage, where the current Olympic champions enjoyed a 3: 2 victory after an exciting match. The Nations League bronze medal match will be held on Sunday 16 July at 21:00.

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