Olympic qualifications: Poland – Argentina.  TV broadcasting and online streaming

Polish volleyball players will play against Argentina in the fifth match of the Olympic Games qualifiers.

Polish volleyball players will play against Argentina on Friday in the next qualifying match for the Olympic Games. The Poland-Argentina match was broadcast on Pulsat Sport and Pulsat Box Go.

At the moment, Nikola Grbic’s team is the only unbeaten team in China, so they will be the favorites in this match. The Polish national team has a record winning streak – they already have 21 wins, and in Xi’an, they have already beaten Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada and Mexico. After Friday’s match, they have two more matches remaining – against the Netherlands and China.

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The Argentines also have something to play for. They currently sit third in the table, and are not being rewarded with promotion. They are one point behind the second-placed Canadiens, so a lot depends on them. After the match against Poland, the Albicelestes still have matches against China and the Netherlands.

Polish volleyball players lead the third group, and there are many indications that they will obtain tickets to next year’s Olympic Games in Paris, China. Competition in the tournament is held in a “round robin” system. Only two of the eight participating teams will qualify for the Olympics.

The tournament in China is also unique in terms of numbers – the Poles are improving their achievements. In addition to a 21-game winning streak, they can boast that they haven’t lost a match in over 100 days. Furthermore, the match against Mexico was Grbic’s 50th match as coach of the national team. His record is impressive – he has won as many as 44 of them.

The Poland-Argentina match was broadcast on Pulsat Sport and Pulsat Box Go. Starts at 9:50. The pre-game studio will start approximately 8:30.

Carolina Potrykus, Pulsat Sport

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