What is 8:2 (2 + 2)?  The mathematical equation spoiled everyone’s brains

The result of the action 8: 2 (2 + 2) has been causing great feelings among netizens for several years. The task itself was first distributed at the end of July 2019. To this day, hundreds of thousands of people are trying to solve it. It sounds very simple. Of course, if you remember the rules for the order of solving these types of equations. On social media, and mainly on Twitter, the most popular answers are 1 and 16. It is this result that causes long discussions among users who consider themselves great mathematicians. What is the correct answer?

What is 2x + 6 = 10? The mathematical equation that divided the world!

Matura exam in mathematics at the Salesian School complex in Łódź

What is 8:2 (2 + 2)? a result

It is safe to say that half of the Twitter users think that the result of this is the number 1. They explain that you bracket it first, then you get 4, then you multiply by 2 and you get 8. Then 8 divided by 8 equals 1 and can also be written as follows:

Author: Screenshot from Twitter: @maggiedolak
What is 8:2 (2 + 2)? The mathematical equation spoiled everyone’s brains

Other users say that 8: 2 (2 + 2) = 16. They explain that you have to solve the parentheses first and you will get 4. According to the rules of mathematics, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction are placed first in parentheses. Then you have to divide, so 8 by 2 is 4. Then 4 by 4 in parentheses equals 16. And even if you just typed this equation into Google, you’d get the same result.

However, calculators capable of calculating complex problems with parentheses give a result of 1. In this case, it is not surprising that a huge discussion broke out among netizens!


What do you think is 8: 2 (2 + 2)?

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