Boniek got a question about Michniewicz's future.  Interesting answer Polish team

– Well done for the promotion… And I don’t know what to say – Zbigniew Boniek wrote on Twitter after meeting wed From the Polish national team with Argentina. This is a very short comment from the former president polishing FIFA, known for its own opinions on certain topics. He was more extravagant in his statements to the media.

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Will we play attack against France? “It’s like the Uhlans are going to tanks”

Boniek hides behind the “tomato” and does not answer two important questions

Zbigniew Bonnie He was a guest Thursday morning Zeit Radio. There, the former president of the Polish Football Association listened to two questions that he answered.

– The Poles play the ugliest football in the World Cup? – asked Bogdan Rimanovsky. – Tomato, – answered Zbigniew Boniek shortly. – Regardless of the outcome against France, machinewich Should he be the head coach of the national team? – Boniek also answered this question with “a tomato”.

Focusing on the match against Argentina, Boniek believes the players will be critical of themselves. – After this match, when the players sit down and look in the mirror, they will say: well, we won, but I don’t get any satisfaction from this victory, – he said. According to the UEFA Vice-President, the Poles cannot forget how to play football, because a year ago they played attack against Spain at Euro 2020. He put forward a hypothesis that perhaps not all players are in good shape.

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“I didn’t know a match like this yet. Do we want to play like this?” Boniek assesses the chances of the Poles in the match against France

Immediately after the match, Zbigniew Boniek was a guest on Prawda Futbolu, where he evaluated the Poland-Argentina match. – I watched many matches of the Polish national team at the World Cup: weak, worse, better. I’ve never seen a match like this before. It was a game where they didn’t quite play to win, we just played to win something. It’s out and you have to enjoy it. However, this match will not run in conjunction with the 1/8 Finals match – Boniek said quoting Polsat Sport.

We left the group, period. In two, three, four, five months no one will remember, but the question is – what will happen to France in four days? Then there are the European Championship qualifiers. Do we want to play like this? I wish, I dream, that we will go to France in a completely different way, in a different way. If we play the same thing against France, we will lose, and it will end similarly, two to three zeros or something like that, – said Boniek when asked about the match with the French national team in the 1/8 World Cup finals.

The former Polish national team player had the opportunity to face the French national team at the 1982 World Cup. Then the Poles won 3: 2 in the bronze medal match. Andrzej Zarmach, Stefan Majewski and Janusz Kubicevic scored for Poland. René Girard and Alain Coriol scored for the Tricolour.

The World Cup match Poland – France 1/8 will be held on Sunday (December 4) at 16:00. Report on the application and LIVE.

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