Polish Karate vs. Communism!  SB was horrified by the influence of Bruce Lee's costumes [FILM]

When the officers, while searching in Szymon Jabłoński’s apartment, found photos of a karate demonstration with his participation, the search basically ended.

They looked at the pictures with a sense of fascination, because the young people reacted in this way to sports from another world, combined with horror, because they believed that the subway trains their people to fight.
– He said in “Interview with Mogahjib”.

Monitoring attempts failed.

– What do you have there? – The young policeman from Karateka, who was returning from training in the evening, looked at the net in which he was wearing a kimono.
– I’m a cook – Explained young Radosław Majchrzak, future president of the Lech Pozna Fan Association, dressed in white.

SB fought with karate fighters from the “Feniks” club as part of the “Trainer” and “Octopus” operations. Karate players used their physical fitness while working underground. When the SB captured the Pozna karate fighters, led by Maciej Frankevich, only Simon Jabunski jumped out of the window and went out into a cauldron in an apartment on the Rusa estate, which was being built at that time, in Pozna Ratajy.

Szymon Jabłoński has already dedicated the painting “Trener”, which was shown at the Gdynia Festival “Niepokorni Niezłomni Wyklęci”. He was also honored by President Lech Kaczynski with a Knight’s Cross of the Order of Bologna Restituta.

However, he told the whole interesting truth about Karate fighters’ participation in Fighting Solidarity activities for the first time in “Interview with Hooligans” below:

Source: Niezalezna.pl, Republika Television, Radio Pozna

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