In the tender, 4Vision submitted a bid at a price of PLN 9.57 million, and Studiotech Poland – in the amount of PLN 10 million. The total price is the only criterion for its evaluation. The deposit was 190 thousand. zloty.

Along with opening documents with presentations Telewizja Polska announced that it plans to spend a maximum of 9.47 million PLN on financing the project. “Panorama” and “Teleexpress” are broadcast from studio B.

In the new studio, an 8-meter wall of screens

It is a comprehensive update of the existing technology system of the TV Information Agency Studio B, which operates under the HD SDI / 3G SDI standard (1080i / 50 / 1080p / 50). Its main element is to be a system of 11 LED screens, the largest of which has dimensions of 770-790 x 165-170 cm and a display resolution of more than 6200 pixels and a minimum height of 1350 pixels.

The next screen will have dimensions of 475-485 x 235-240 cm and a display resolution of 3840 pixels and a height of at least 1890 pixels, and four more – dimensions of 115-125 x 165-170 cm, a resolution of more than 960 pixels in width and 1350 pixels in height and connection At least it allows you to build a wall with a resolution of 3840 pixels in width, while four other screens – dimensions 115-125 x 235-240 cm, resolution: more than 960 pixels in width and a minimum height of 1890 pixels, a connection that allows you to build a wall with a resolution of 3840 pixels in width and height Not less than 1890 pixels.

LED display system should be completely redundant in terms of power and video signals

The order also includes connecting many other devices for studio needs, including. Mixers and video routers, routers, tripods and camera arm, recording devices, controllers, matrix converters, LCD monitors, intercoms, intercom controllers, broadcast computers, cabling infrastructure and device management and control system, and Also furniture to put equipmentincluding five work tables for producers, publishers and directors, a table for a light fixture, a level technology table and a modular structure consisting of a base, table top and accessories.

The selected company will dismantle the existing indoor studio, install the indicated devices and furniture, deliver and configure the necessary software and IT system with the already existing technical infrastructure by TVP, and will provide equipment to the company’s employees.

During the warranty period, the contractor will be responsible for repair or replacement within 10 or 21 days of written notification of the defect (depending on the equipment).

After signing the contract with TVP, the contractor will have 30 days to prepare the studio rebuild design and price specifications, then 100 days to complete all work.

In the main TVP Info studio, a 22-meter wall of screens

From November 2018, TVP Info Broadcasting from the studio where, among other things, a 22-meter LED wall with a size of 18 million pixels. It can display various scenographic spaces, as well as a 4x4K image.

– It is the newest news studio not only in Poland, but also throughout Europe. We are 2-3 meters ahead of the competition – emphasized Yaroslav Olichovsky, director of the TV Information Agency. The cost of building the studio 16 million PLN.

In turn, TVP “Wiadomości” In mid-May 2019, they acquired a new graphic design and started broadcasting from a larger studiowhich uses visual effects based on Virtual Window technologies and augmented reality (Platige Image is responsible for its operation).

There will be three new TVP branch headquarters and TAI headquarters

In August last year a symbolic shovel was pushed into the construction of the new headquarters of the TVP branch in Gorzów Wielkopolski. Jacek Korsky said: – It is already the twenty-first century and public television should have the highest standards, not only journalistic, but organizational as well.

A month later, work began on the construction of the new headquarters of Public Radio in Kielce. Telewizja Polska decided in the fall of 2020 to tender for the construction of both facilities, and a consortium selected a bid of PLN 28.66 million.

In the spring, Polish TV also announced the final result The tender for the design and construction of the new headquarters of TVP Olszyn was announced at the end of March. One bid submitted – The consortium of companies PBO Śląsk and WODPOL offered a maximum price of PLN 22.41 million.

Moreover, in the tender for the construction of the new headquarters of the TV Information Agency, the public broadcaster considered the most advantageous offer of Duraco Construction Company of a maximum of PLN 606.9 million. The show is a fifth more expensive than the original budget, TVP decided to increase it. The contract with Doraco was signed in early August.

However, in the construction tender for its TV and Film Museum The company considered the offer of the Doraco Construction Corporation to be the most advantageous, the total amount of which amounted to PLN 25.44 million.

last year Telewizja Polska’s revenue increased by 7.2 percent. to PLN 3.25 billion, with operating costs increasing by 21.7%. to PLN 3.12 billion, net profit decreased from PLN 198.32 to PLN 3.89 million.

In this year’s financial plan. Polish TV Reported an increase in revenue to PLN 3.42 billion, advertising and sponsorship revenue will increase in addition to subscription compensation. Energy costs and external services will also rise, and the sender expects a minimum loss of PLN 171 million from the sale of Treasury bonds.

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