Polish clubs will receive more money from UEFA

The President of Legia Warsaw and Vice-Chairman of the Club Competitions Committee operating within UEFA admitted that due to the increase in the number of teams playing in the Champions League, the Polish champion may again participate in this prestigious competition after a few years. Even the numbers have changed, as the odds of such a scenario occurring are about 10% greater.

Focused on regaining at least one spot for the qualifying tournament track. Not everyone remembers that when Legia Warsaw qualified for the Champions League in 2016, six clubs could advance from the tournament route to the group stage. Meanwhile, only four have this opportunity now. Contrary to appearance, this is a very big difference – Dariusz Miodoski said in an interview with the weekly newspaper soccer.

It was decided that five clubs would qualify from the tournament, which means that it will not be as good as it was in 2016, but it will not be as bad as it was in 2023, for example. The Polish champion's chances of qualifying will increase by about 10%. – The owner of Legia made a mistake in his calculations.

Miodoski also admitted that the profits of Polish clubs will increase due to the so-called Solidarity paymentUntil now, under this system, 4% of income was paid, now it will be 7%, and in the case of Polish clubs, the increase will be 20-30%. – He said.

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