Poland without invitation from Viktor Orban.  The Prime Minister’s Office translates

Neither Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki nor his office They did not receive an invitation from the Hungarian government to attend any of these events. — wrote the Polish Prime Minister’s Office in response to a weekly question. A similar confirmation was sent by the office of the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Ludovit Odor, who is of Hungarian origin.

Hungary: No EU leaders were present in the capital

The leaders of several Central Asian countries, the Emir of Qatar and the Turkish president appeared in Budapest Erdogan and former heads of government of the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Austria – Andrej Babis, Janice Ganza and Sebastian Kurz.

w the capital of Hungary None of the EU leaders were present – the “HVG” noted.

While the prime ministers of Hungary and Poland continue to work together in the EU to oppose the migration package, this Since the war in Ukraine, the traditionally good Hungarian-Polish relations have undergone an unprecedented decline. Weekly evaluation.

Chancellery of Prime Minister Orban with translation

As Gergely Gulias, Chief of Office of Prime Minister Orban, explained on Thursday, the failure to extend invitations to the leaders of the countries mentioned by HVG is due to the fact that There is an election campaign in Poland and Slovakia has an interim prime minister.

“We are a sovereign country, and we do as we see fit,” Julius declared.

Paweł Szrot on Prigozhin’s death: It was only a matter of time/RMF24.pl/rmf

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