Edyta Herbuś had to take out a loan.  “We can't afford it.”

Edyta Herbuś cannot complain about the lack of responsibilities. In a few months, the dancer wants to move into a new house that she is building with her partner. The 42-year-old did not hide the fact that it was necessary to take out a loan.

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Edita Herbusch fell in love with… a hut

It's no secret that Edyta Herbuś and her partner Piotr Bukowiecki are in the process of building a house. The dancer, in an interview with “Gastrzepe Post”, did not hide the fact that this is her big dream, which came true only thanks to her partner, who “began” looking for a place to create their four corners together. The 42-year-old admitted that when they saw the old cottage, it turned out to be love at first sight.

This has always been my dream, but my artistic soul is in turmoil. Fortunately, Piotr is a very humble man and he started the process of looking for a place for the house. He took me to a private, modern housing estate and I didn't like anything about it, and when he found a cottage and showed it to me – I was delighted -Hairbusch Flow.

What did the house look like before you started renovating it? It wasn't interesting.

We were thrilled with the place, and we both felt like this was it. The house I saw, surrounded by wild nature, was in poor condition. The interior of the house is completely destroyed, but its framework is beautiful and we are building our space and interiors on it. We do it ourselves without architects on a compromise basis, and ideas are shared based on what we like together – She added in an interview with “Gastrzeb Post.”

Edyta Herbuś cannot afford to build a house. She had to take it on credit

As we know, construction takes a lot of time and more money. Edita Herbusch, although she works hard, does not hide the fact that, like many Poles, she “depends” on the loan to realize her big dream.

We cannot afford this house, we are dependent on the loan. We do not have the budget this council needs, but I believe this support is timely. We both work full time, make money and immediately invest in a house. I believe that with the support of the wonderful people around us, we will be able to implement this project exactly as we want – She said.

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