Pola Wiśniewska for the first time since announcing her pregnancy smiles with the help of Michał Wiśniewski at the premiere of "Apokawix" (photo)

October 4 Mikhail And the Paula Wiśniewscy He surprised fans by posting a photo of a positive pregnancy test on Instagram. Thus, the couple announced that their family would soon grow again. For the musician, it will be Sixth condolences. Wiśniewski and Pola had a common descendant – Falco Amadeusz.

Oops! We did it againThey posted on Instagram sharing their happiness.

Despite the fact that only a couple of days ago the leader of the Ich Troje band reported about the family’s expansion, he had already given an interview, in which he admitted that he is now facing a challenge, because he will have ten children to support. .

I feel wonderful. Thank you. I’m speaking brief because he would be child number six for us, and in fact child number ten, in upbringing. However, we love it, that’s how we met He said in an interview with the service What a week.

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It looks like Pola i Mikhail They will revisit the color press a bit. It is widely known that the blessed state is the perfect occasion for propaganda, at least for those who have been quiet for a long time. As you can see, the musician and his beloved do not waste time.

The Wiśniewski family appeared on Thursday night at the film’s premiere Apokawix Directed by Xawery Żuławski. wear pola loose white jumpsuitWhich, despite everything, showed off the pregnancy curves of a celebrity. During the party, the expectant mother drank orange juice through a straw she was holding in her hand. Michel, in turn, wore a white shirt, a black suit, and chose sneakers.

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This one hurt these girls in his life…

How can you love being pregnant and a father so many times.

They are not afraid of disease …

He was broke not too long ago

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Doesn’t it sound a bit like Ramplstiltskin from Shrek?

How much will he have to spend on Christmas gifts

He will torture us again with his songs to keep this crowd

Paula is a bit like Krzysio Ibisz, isn’t it? who agrees with me?

I wonder if Paulina is the last wife?

I listen to a song knowingly…

It’s disgusting. After 2, do not know why the parents of children in these sick times? I don’t understand

I must admit that she is very attractive

Others are uglier in these photos???

Congratulations on your courage. Baby at times like this, OK, OK. not bad.

He was still the culprit in many pregnancies…

She is very radioactive. And then despair will come…

What cleans these teeth? shred?

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