January 29, 2023


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Edita Bazura asked about the films in which her husband kisses other women.  "are you jealous?"  She was honest

Edita Bazura asked about the films in which her husband kisses other women. “are you jealous?” She was honest

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Edita Bazura gets angry when her husband kisses others? He might have reacted differently

Recently Edita Bazora Reorder the questions and answers in Instagram. Her husband is an actor, and this job often presents him with various challenges. Fans decided to ask if she wouldn’t mind Cesare Bazura kissing other women on the set.

I always wondered if you watch a movie/series where your husband kisses you, are you jealous? – Fan request.

The celebrity answered unequivocally. It turns out that Edyta Pazura has a very mature approach to it and is not jealous when Cezary Pazura kisses others. He understands that then he plays a certain role.

Certainly I am watching. I’m not jealous because there is a different character on the screen – Edita Bazura replied.

The star began to wonder if she would accept another man on screen, her husband’s reaction would be similar. It seems to her that if the roles were reversed, Cesare Bazora might be more jealous.

But vice versa, it will not work that way. I wonder if I get kissed in the movie, Czaro will be jealous.

Edita Bazura reveals if she is jealous of her husbandEdita Bazura reveals if she is jealous of her husband Instagram @edyta_pazura

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