Poignant words from the actor who plays Adam Jensen in Deus Ex.  He says “goodbye” hoping it's not goodbye

Last week, the world heard sad news about layoffs at the Eidos Montreal studio and the cancellation of a new game in the popular Deus Ex series. These events are related to the most serious situation and restructuring at Embracer, the owner of this developer. Actor Elias Toufexis, who plays the main character in the series, Adam Jensen, did not hide his nervousness, and commented on the matter. today Redisi He published a longer and poignant entry.

Toufexis thanked all the fans for their support over the past years and also said “goodbye” to Jensen. According to the representative, the canceled game from Eidos Montreal was not a continuation of the hero's story, which is what fans were hoping for after the end of Mankind Divided. However, the artist hopes that this will not be his final break with this hero, and that he will lend his voice to a possible adaptation one day. Ex-deity.

I wanted to thank you for all your wonderful messages over the years and your exceptional support.

As for Jensen, I'm saying goodbye to him, but I hope that's not the case [ostateczne – dop. red.] farewell. Maybe someone else will buy the license [na markę Des Ex]. Maybe we'll make an anime series or finish the game. Elon Musk is a big fan [serii]And I think he has some money. Someone ask him!

You know, Jensen is one of the characters I play that is very close to my heart. It seems like I will always be in touch with him and that is good for me.

Unfortunately, it seems his story is over. I'm pretty sure the canceled game wasn't that [kontynuacją] The Adam Jensen story, so canceling it makes me as angry as anything else, because [moi] Friends were expelled from Eidos. Video game companies are in a strange place right now. I hope you get better.

[…] I hope you like my other works [w tym fanarty]and I'm lucky enough to have it published, but I know that no other hero will mean as much as Adam Jensen, to you or to me.

It's worth believing that despite everything, Adam Jensen will one day return in some form. To wipe your tears, you can refresh yourself with the games of the series Ex-deity (If you don't have it, know that it is currently available Discounted on the steam).

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