Xbox subscription end?  Will the games be available in exchange for watching ads?  There is an idea

Is Microsoft considering withdrawing the Xbox subscription?

Both TweakTown and 9to5Google claim that at some point, Microsoft may withdraw from paid subscription subscriptions and shift to an ad-based model. Redmond Company has a lot of experience in this field!

See: A well-known family of smartphones will disappear from the market. Almost everyone knows that

actually We have been using the free version of the Office suite for a long time – In the form of a web service. Subsequent Windows distributions are now practically free, and the update policy seems better and better every year. At the same time Players will still have to pay for the privilege of using the full version of Game Pass.

The change was announced indirectly by Tim Stewart, the CFO responsible for the Xbox division. No binding announcements or deadlines were made, but the tone of the statement itself makes clear the direction Microsoft may be headed.

Tim Stewart has outlined a situation in which he imagines – hypothetically – a situation of when Access to Game Pass will be free In selected parts of the world. pointed to:

  • Africa,
  • dew,
  • Southeast Asia.

The list is certainly not closed, as Stewart also indicated that a free subscription plan could be made available in those regions where Microsoft’s console is just building its position, or, for example, Sony’s PlayStation is inferior.

How many minutes of online gaming does it take to watch one ad? Stewart stated A 30-second video file will allow another 2 hours of online play.

Game Pass Free Plan: Can It Cover All Games?

This issue has not been clarified further by Tim Stewart. But the truth is that Microsoft has already begun to take its first steps in this field. After logging in to your MS account, you can play Fortnite for free. However, it can be assumed that such a major change will be introduced gradually.

It’s hard to imagine hotter premieres Or games that have paid Xbox Game Pass fees for years It suddenly became available on such a free plan. Most likely, the Redmond giant will allocate only part of its extensive portfolio to such a plan. After all, the company has to make money.

Either way, the fact that a high-ranking person in the company’s management is talking about such a possibility gives a good chance that free online games will be the next step taken by the leaders in this market segment: Sony, Microsoft and Valve.

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