Podolsky thundered after rumors of Orban's dismissal.  "It Doesn't Take a Brain" Becca Nothing

On Tuesday, unexpectedly with work in Gurnick Zabrze said goodbye Jan Urban. The 60-year-old coach was sacked even though his team finished eighth in the recently concluded season. Premier League. Although Urban’s contract was automatically extended, the coach was dismissed at the start of preparations for the upcoming competition.

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– I don’t know what to say, I’m depressed. I’ve done so little for Gurnick in my life. Once pickI think I helped him as a coach too. I frankly admit that I did not expect to be treated this way. I’m simply sorry, because Górnik is a special club in my life and I have always expressed it – Urban said in an interview with Przegląd Sportowy.

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There were many rumors in public about the reasons for Orban’s dismissal. One of them was about influence Lukas Podolski over the club’s powers. It was suspected that Gwensdor Gurnick had his fingers in Urban’s class.

Podolsky: “I don’t need a brain to say something like that”

In conversation with the portal Sportowefakty.wp.pl Podolsky responded sharply to such suggestions. “You don’t have to have a brain to say something like that!” In general, I do not want to argue with someone who is hiding behind a pseudonym on Twitter or Facebook. If anyone wants, I invite you to the club. There is a job for someone who knows each other better. I can always talk, Podolsky said.

He added: – Regardless of who the new coach will be, you must participate in … training because it will start after a month league. I really hope he has a nice season, but for this to work, we must be together, the people of Gurnick. No fan protests or boycotts will help us. On the contrary: we need as many fans as possible in the stands! Only together can we do something good. And if we destroy each other from the inside, Gurnik will suffer greatly, and he will defend himself against the fall. That’s why I repeat: let’s be together as a miner. The team needs its fans.

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It is not known who will replace Urban as coach of Guernick. His interim coach was Pyotr Gerczak, who has been leading the club’s reserves so far.

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