And then!  Important news regarding Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski’s rehabilitation is going well. There are more and more signs that Barcelona’s starting lineup will be playing in the rapidly approaching La Liga.

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Robert Lewandowski

Getty Images/Pedro Loureiro/Eurasia Sport Images/Pictured: Robert Lewandowski

The Polish national team captain has been on break since October 4. FC Barcelona beat FC Porto 1-0 despite Robert Lewandowski having to leave the field after 33 minutes. It was later found that the attacker suffered a serious ankle injury.

Due to the injury, the 35-year-old missed the Blaugrana league match and the national team’s training camp in October. There was a big risk that the key player would not be able to help the Catalans in the very important match against Real Madrid.

However, the latest forecasts are optimistic. Last Monday, the player actually took off his orthopedic boots. AS journalist Javi Miguel has no doubt that Lewandowski will not play in the matches against Athletic Bilbao and Shakhtar Donetsk.

According to the aforementioned source, it is not impossible for Lewandowski to return to full strength before the end of the month. If this information is confirmed, the Pole will be able to play against Real Madrid. Let us remind you that El Clasico was scheduled for October 28th.

This will be a very important match in the context of the Spanish League schedule. Currently, the leader of the group is the “Royal” team. On the other hand, Barcelona is at the bottom of the podium, three points behind Real Madrid.

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