May 28, 2023


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Pko Extraklasa. Mariusz Lewandowski was booed from the visitors’ stand after the Krakow-Radomiak match. Shout at vulgarity. “the curse”

Pko Extraklasa. Radomiak lost today away to Krakow 0:3. After the final whistle, the visiting fans expressed their displeasure, filling the stadium in droves at the Krakow Stadium. A crude and vulgar message was sent to coach Mariusz Lewandowski: “Displace * aj”. The coach also heard whistles at his speech.

Radomiak fans are calling for the dismissal of the coach. A thunderous “get out” from the stands

Radomiak suffered a defeat at Kraków. He lost one goal before the end of the first half, and in overtime, the players of “Basi” Radomiak scored twice more. In the end, after a bitter defeat 0: 3, Radom’s team continues a streak of six matches without a win.

Fans in the visiting sector expressed their outrage. Many of their club’s fans during the match let out their feelings after the final whistle. From their side there was a resounding “Lewandowski disowned * aj!”. The team and coaching staff stood for a moment under the stage. However, after a clear message from the visiting fans, Lewandowski turned heel and left the field.

This is not the first time that Radomiak’s fans have clearly called for a change of coach. After the match with Legia Warszawa (0:2), which was the third consecutive defeat for Radomiak, the crowd in Radom heard “Lewandowski must go!”. Since that meeting on March 17, Radomiak has shared points twice – with Wisla Block and Raku, and today in Krakow he suffered a defeat.

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