Major balance changes and unpopular quests.  Diablo 4 Season 3 may be the best yet
January 19, 2024, at 22:04

Blizzard's recent broadcast brought a lot of information about the upcoming third season of Diablo 4. The creators have taken players' criticism seriously. There will be big changes to the game balance and a lot of new content.

Image source: Blizzard Entertainment.


It seems that the creators of Diablo IV have finally chosen the right path and are on track to make up for the somewhat disappointing start of production (namely the first season, where the campaign was praised from the beginning) for the fans. yesterday flow Brought by a strong blizzard Detailed information About the construction season that will start on January 23. Today it was published by Zamic. Full list of changes.

Diablo 4 Season 3 – Selected Changes

Two updates per season

According to information provided by the developers, Blizzard will now provide two updates for each season – the first at the beginning of the season, and the second in the middle of the season (i.e. approximately 1.5 months later).

No more unwanted PVP missions

For Season of Constructs, this initial patch will bring a long-awaited change to PVP missions. Players who do not like fighting other users will not have to participate in it to complete objectives in individual chapters. This change will certainly save some people unnecessary frustration.

Balance changes

The direction of balance changes and the game's overall design philosophy also seems promising. Although the developers declare that they prefer to strengthen character classes rather than weaken them, any extreme – allowing the creation of exceptionally powerful “builds” – will be considered a bug that should be fixed.

The upcoming update will introduce changes to class balance (apparently not limited to number manipulation), and each of them will receive “something new.” The indicators that determine the chance of obtaining individual items and monster statistics will also change, and favorite items from previous seasons will find new life in the upcoming season. You will read the details here. You can read the creators' comments below.

It is important for us that the player clearly feels the impact of fully investing in a particular skill. To that end, we've focused some new unique and legendary items on abilities that haven't yet shown their full potential. We can't wait to see what players can achieve with the new Unique Items that support Barbarian's Rend, Druid's Thunderstorm, and Wizard's Meteor.

We also addressed pressing issues affecting all groups. Necromancers who use the cult leader's basic ability will feel like their followers have been hit a little harder. Barbarian success will no longer depend on three trends. Wizards who rely on Reveal and Lightning Spear will in turn get new opportunities to lead their characters.

We also updated the items and skills that need buffingsuch as various “uniques” for Rogues and the Necromancer Golem.

The mid-season patch will also contain changes of a similar nature, but they will be fewer in number. The creators will then deal mainly with those problems that turn out to be the most pressing.


In terms of the interface and overall user experience, Blizzard will make the following improvements:

  1. New settings will be added that allow keyboard navigation only (WASD mode); New facilities are provided for players using controllers, including: assigning functions to buttons in a more intuitive way so that individual activities do not interfere with each other (yet Diablo IV You can only change the control scheme on the panel, so the functions assigned to one button are always the same, regardless of whether it is “A” or “B”).
  2. Event timers will now be displayed on the world map;
  3. There will be a new way to reallocate points on the skill tree – players will be able to return “paths” or entire skill sets, and immediately see how many points they will get back (after “cashback”) and how much gold it will cost them.
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