The Polish hero ended his career at the age of 21.  Decision making after the season of life

The beginning of October was an exciting time for Dennis Zeleski. The 21-year-old then won the Polish Junior Team Championship with Orlin Silvast Wilko Looming. Zieliski performed well in U-24 Ekstraliga matches, where his run average was around 1.8. After the end of the season, Olovic was scheduled to leave Crosno and continue his career in the First Street League.

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Daniel Zeleski ends his career. “I never imagined it this way.”

– I will leave Krosno after this season and look for a club for next year where I can develop – the 21-year-old recently said in front of the cameras of the Motowizja programme, admitting his desire to join the top league in Poland. No team came for him, but according to experts, Zeliski could be an addition to one of the second division teams. Meanwhile, it turned out that the player at a very young age decided to end his career.

On Wednesday, a long entry will appear on Daniel Zieliski’s Instagram profile, where the player will explain why he no longer sees him on street tracks. “First of all, I would like to thank Wilco Crosnoe for the last season, which was full of ups and downs. 2023 was the best season of my career. I gained a lot of experience, which showed the effects of my career. “I work every day. I tried to give 110% of myself. But it didn’t always work out. I would like to thank the fans for the great support in every match. I would like to thank the club for every opportunity to ride and develop,” the 21-year-old began.

Zieljski then thanked the fans who supported him during various competitions and admitted that the decision to end his career was deliberate and correct. “Dear fans, I approached writing these words with great difficulty, but also with determination. After many years of struggle on the right track, I decided that it was time to end my career in UŁów. I have often wondered about the moment when it will be the same,” the player added. The situation at the end of my career. I certainly didn’t imagine it that way. Now that I’m here, it’s as difficult as I thought it would be. I am convinced that this is the right decision.”

Dennis Zeleski makes his first appearance in… PGE Ekstraliga in GKM colours Grodzidz In 2020. In the first season he appeared in 20 races and averaged 0.200 points per race. In 2021 it will be 0.806. Last season, which was the best of his career, he averaged .950 points per inning. He also played in the PGE Ekstraliga for Apator Toru and Wilkw Krosno.

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