Netflix introduces a new feature.  Changes to the "See More" function

Netflix introduces ‘one-row removal’

Role “keep watching” And Netflix It allowed me to go back to the movies, series, and shows that we stopped watching and put off until a later time. Thanks to the new solution, users will be able to delete a long list of addresses that they no longer intend to return to..

From now on, users all over the world can delete consecutive titles with a single click “See More” on all devices (including TVs). Just click on a movie, series or program in the list and select the option “Remove from row”. If Change your mind You can undo deleting a title by clicking the back arrow button Do you want to delete a newly added title that you didn’t like, a favorite series you’ve recently eaten, or do a general cleanup? This new button will allow you to clean up the “Watch Other” row to include Only the movies, series, and shows you really want to watch, it is reported.

Remove in a row now works on all devices that support the Netflix app.

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