Kargol from “Samych. The Beginning” revealed what Żmijewski did on set [VIDEO]

The film “Alone. The Beginning” tells the story of the lives of two young men, Kargul and Pavlak, who live with their families in Kruzioniki in the border regions. The saga of the two feuding families won the hearts of viewers. The first part of “Samych's own” was produced in 1967. Later, “Nie ma mocch” and “Kochaj, albo szlać” were produced. All parts were directed by Sylwester Chęciński. The new production was handled by Artur Żmijewski. For the actor, this is his directorial debut on the big screen.

The main roles in the prologue of “Samich's own” were played by Adam Bobek, who played Kazimierz Pawlak, and Karol Dziuba, who played Kargol. We asked him about working in the group.

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