– On the one hand, the epidemic stimulated the market for the production of content for broadcast platforms, and on the other hand limited film production, but in general the demand for such products increased – says Ubikovsky. However, he maintains that it was not the changes in the market caused by the pandemic that were behind Platige Image’s decision to enter film production, but that the company planned it much earlier.

Platig’s photo celebrates 25 years of existence She intends to produce both films and series, live action and animation. – We want these products to match Platige Image’s DNA – says Żbikowski.

Gives an example of the series “The Witcher” produced for Netflisk. – We focus on science fiction productions, based on games, on the basis of which we create movie worlds – says CEO of Platige Image.

The company will be there this year Creating special effects for episodes of the third series of “The Witcher”, work is currently underway on the set. Production of one season of “The Witcher” lasts six months, says Ubikowski.

What series and movies is Blatige’s picture working on?

However, the products Platige Image works on are completely different. In the fall of last year we said that among the projects the company is working on, there are A film based on the short story collection “Halny” by Igor Garik, a science fiction series by singer Julia Marcel and a series based on the concept of blogger and writer Janina Beck.

In addition, Platige Image is working on a family comedy project set in the 90s by Magdalena Załęcka and a full-length animated film for the whole family. in March The rights to display two science fiction novels by Remigiusz Mróz . have been purchased (“Chorus of Forgotten Voices” and “Echo from the Abyss”). On the other hand, in May, the Dobro production house, associated with Platige Image, began work on bringing Zygmunt Miłoszewski’s novel “As always” to the big screen.

Some projects are in the stage of preparing the first copies of the script. We’re already talking about some of them using larger streaming platforms or movie studios that could fund them — says Żbikowski. The company wants to cooperate with all the leading VoD services.

## News https://www.wirtualnemedia.pl/artykul/koniec-telewizji-streaming-netflix-hbo-max-ogladalnosc-nielsen ##

Flood of premium series on VoD platforms

Today, at least one premium series appears on these platforms – this content is shown by Netflix, HBO Max or Canal + Online, but also Player or Polsat Box GO, and in the future perhaps Amazon Prime Video or Disney +. Inclusion Netflix is ​​also pleased to produce Polish films, and is also taking over the rights to continue films previously shown in cinemas.

Film production development is a long process, even several copies of the script are created. The Witcher took several years to develop before it even began mass production – says Karol Żbikowski. Therefore, next year we will only start shooting the first productions of Platige Image.

The company will not only be responsible for the production of series and films, but will also create special effects for its projects.

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