March 25, 2023


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Tomasz Kot regrets his role in this popular film. “absolute failure”

Kopa Wozhevodzki recalled the situation when, in 2012, he invited Thomas Kott to record his show. The actor refused to come, explaining that he was not ready to appear in Warsaw. That was after he played in Patrick Vega’s film “Hans Kloss. Higher than death at stake.” Earlier, there were also “Ciacho” and “Merger Journey”. Why did he work in Vega movies at all?

– recalled Thomas Kott in the “WojewódzkiKędzierski” podcast.

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Kędzierski County. Tomasz Kot regrets his role in this film

Is this the role Thomas Cott regrets most? He calls the production “Hans Kloss. Greater Than Death at the Stake” an “utter failure”. How did the collaboration with Patrick Vega on “Hansie …” happen?

The actor accepted the offer to act in the latest movie because of the ensemble cast. However, he is not satisfied with the end result.

Privately, his most important film is Gods.

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Thomas Cott

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