Try to kill him.  Scenes like a horror movie on Broniewskiego Street [FILM, ZDJĘCIA] |  Nowy Sącz, May.  Broniewski, murder

It’s hard to believe that all this happened in Nowy Sącz. On Saturday afternoon, after two in the afternoon, policemen crowded Broniewskiego Street. The ambulance service also reached the signal. Residents who witnessed the event claimed that someone had been killed. Fortunately, these reports have not been confirmed. As it turned out, a 38-year-old citizen from the Sądecczyzna region was attacked and wounded with a knife. The seriously injured person was taken to hospital. His life was at stake.

The policemen immediately carried out extensive operational and experimental activities. According to their findings, two men were present at the scene, one of whom attacked the 38-year-old. Uniforms immediately prepared the descriptions of these guys and handed them over to all patrols on duty – told our editorial staff. Justina Basiaga From the police in Nowy Sącz.

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Less than two hours later, officers arrested two men in the town of Chimek, who they suspected of attempted murder. They were taken to the police station, where they ended up in a police cell.

– For several more hours at the scene, the policemen from the investigation team were carrying out various procedural activities, including. Securing antiquities and identifying and questioning witnesses. As a result of the actions taken, the criminals also found and secured the knife that the offender had left during the escape. All the activities carried out led to the discovery that one of the arrested men was behind this act – explains a spokeswoman for the police in Nowy Sącz.

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On Monday, October 24, the 33-year-old offender was taken to the Prosecutor’s Office in Nowy Sącz, where he was charged with attempted murder. Judging by the court’s decision, the man will spend the next three months in custody and await his sentence here. Charged with attempted murder, the 33-year-old faces up to life in prison. ([email protected] photo and film by KMP Nowy Sącz)

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