Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is being produced but without Johnny Depp.  The producer confirmed that the franchise will be rebooted
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28 Mark 2024, at 13:50

Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer has confirmed that the sixth installment in the series is in production. However, it will not be a continuation of the fate of the famous characters, but rather a reboot with a completely new cast.

Image source: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Joachim Rönning, Walt Disney Pictures, 2017


For the masses Johnny Ego Diba We don't have the best news. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed this Pirates of the Caribbean 6 are being created, but the upcoming show will not be a continuation of the fate of the famous heroes, But with a reboot. This means that the star who plays Jack Sparrow will not be returning to the series — even in a supporting role, as Hollywood insiders recently suggested.

About the fact that the new version of the famous series will be a reboot and Producers are preparing to completely reboot the series, with a new castThe aforementioned producer said in an interview with the portal Character book.

We will restart Piratesso it will be easier to put them together [niż Top Guna 3]Because we don't have to wait for some actors.

Johnny Depp will no longer be returning as Captain Extraordinary who was the lead character in all previous films in the series. We will not see other stars of the series on the big screen – Geoffrey Rush, Keira Knightley or Orlando Bloom. We still do not know whether the project with Margot Robbie, which tells a separate story, will come true. Production did not progress for several years.

The last movie with Johnny Depp as Sparrow debuted in 2017. I remember that Five pirate-focused shows have managed to gross $4.5 billion, Each view collected more than 650 million. They performed better at the box office Dead Man's Chest appears And In uncharted waters – Each of these titles crossed the billion-dollar mark. Do you think the reboot will also be a financial success?

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