June 8, 2023


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Box Office USA: “John Wick 4” already has 100 million. D&D No. 1

Hasbro You can breathe a sigh of relief. After the PR debacle, which was an attempt to change the OGL (Game Usage Rules “Dungeons and Dragons” By players and creators), the success of the film “Dungeons & Dragons: Thief’s Honor” stated in the question. Although the fifth edition of the game broke records for popularity, it is cinematic D&D It’s a brand that doesn’t really matter. For this reason, Hasbro was counting on the film being recommended by the fans themselves, who weren’t sure after the OGL fiasco.

Fortunately for Hasbro and Paramount, preview screenings, whether at the SXSW festival or organized for, say, Prime users, ended with an enthusiastic response from fans and a huge recommendation of the movie to friends. The result is an A rating on CinemaScore and a strong slot, currently estimated at $38.5 million.

That was enough to take first place. But is this enough for Hasbro i Basic Recreated the entire cinematic universe? There is no answer to this question yet. “Dungeons & Dragons: Thief’s Honor” It was a very expensive sight The budget is estimated at $150 million. Meanwhile, despite a high rating on CinemaScore, the movie may score a significant drop in the following weeks. And all because of the premiere of the cartoon The Super Mario Bros. movie.which – as all signs indicate – will be a huge success.

He learned the hard way that a great opening isn’t everything “John Wick 4”. The action spectacle was projected to gross at least $30 million in its second weekend. Meanwhile, it turns out that the movie has taken notice decrease by up to 62% It can count on approx. $28.2 million.

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However, this does not change the fact that “John Wick 4” It was the second title in the series to cross $100 million. he is too The third release this year to total at least 100 million in theaters. Next week, he will cross that boundary “Sixth Scream”which currently has a net worth of $98.2 million.

Movies of 2023 with revenues of more than $100 million

Meanwhile, on the platform there was an unexpected place for another novelty – “his only son”. View the Biblical story about Abraham and his son Isaac It was enthusiastically received by the Christian audience and the film debuted at the box office with a score $5.4 million.

Only the best film at this year’s Sundance could dream of such sums one thousand and one. It debuted at #7 earning Good Morning $1.8 million.

Box Office USA March 31 – April 2 Top 10

# Title It happened over the weekend earned in total a week on screen Cinema
1 Dungeons & Dragons: Thief’s Honor $38.5 $38.5 1 3855
2 John Wick 4 $28.2 $122.87 2 3855
3 his only son $5.3 $5.3 1 1920
3 Yelp VI $5.3 $98.23 4 3016
5 Creed III $5.01 $148.58 5 2827
6 Shazam! Wrath of the Gods $4.72 $53.59 3 3451
7 one thousand and one $1.8 $1.8 1 926
8 65 $1.58 $30.58 4 2113
9 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Obsession $1.23 $212.02 USD 7 1440
10 Jesus revolution $1.0 $50.9 6 1415

Because of Easter, two big news hits cinemas on Wednesday. The first is the already mentioned animation The Super Mario Bros. movie.And the second “biography” of the legendary sneakers “air”. He will join them on Friday “paint”a movie based on illustrator and television celebrity Bob Ross.

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