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Maciej Kmita

Robert Lewandowski faces a challenge that he has never faced before in his career. Barcelona is playing a game, a dirty game, whose goal is to get rid of the Pole from the club. A long media spectacle awaits us, and all tricks will be permitted.

Robert Lewandowski is stuck in a toxic relationship like he’s never been in before. Uli Hoeneß once spoke of a fake debt, and wanted to bring it to justice (more here), but what Joan Laporta and Xavi are doing is beyond human understanding. This is after everything the Polish did for Barcelona.

After all, Lewandowski agreed – after persuasion by the president and coach – to leave everything in Munich to become the face and driving force of the Camp Nou club’s renaissance. His move gave Collis hope, but the benefits were also tangible.

In his first season, Lewy led Barcelona to regain the Spanish championship, which the club had been waiting for for four years. Meanwhile, less than a year has passed since this success, and the Pole – although still the team’s top scorer – has become unnecessary for Barcelona. There is no other explanation for what has been happening around him in recent weeks.

Watch the video: #dziejesiewsportcie: He outsmarted his rivals. No one expected this!

Barcelona launched a media machine that was supposed to crush Lewy. Discouraging cules of Poles. Underestimating and marginalizing his value. This is a proven method for the Camp Nou club. It floods the media with censored leaks, thus checking the public mood and paving the way for parting decisions with players and coaches.

Since Lewy has been at Barcelona, ​​the victims of such dirty play have been Gerard Pique, Frenkie de Jong and Rafinha. The former was even so disappointing that he ended his career during the season. Lewandowski has been under criticism since late fall, but attacks inspired by the club’s offices have become more severe recently.

Let’s just look at last week. On Monday, “Mundo Deportivo” published an article with a revealing title: “Lewandowski: a sensitive issue due to age and contract.” He reminded the Polish author of his age and the progressive contract thanks to which he will earn more than 30 million euros next season. He also wondered whether Barcelona could afford such expenses? Or is she thinking of selling Lewy to a Saudi club that wants to shower him with gold? And he paid dearly for it.

A day later, Cadena Ser radio station revealed more details about Lewi’s contract. The key to this leak is the information that Barcelona will be able to terminate the contract with the Pole if he plays less than 55% of the matches in the 2024/25 season. Official meetings. There was also mention of the rewards that Lewandowski will receive for individual achievements. More here.

Furthermore, Sport has been kind enough to point out that Lewandowski has been replaced more often than not in a decade, meaning his importance in Xavi’s team is decreasing. And the implication: with each passing month, the electrode will become less useful. More here.

But all this was just a prelude to what was published by the newspaper “Sport” on Saturday, which revealed that Laporta invited Pini Zahavi to Barcelona to discuss the Pole’s future in Catalonia. According to “Sport”, neither Xavi nor sporting director Deco see a place for Lewandowski. The controversy over the club’s poor financial situation, for which the Polish connection is a burden, has once again emerged. More here.

This forced Zahavi to take a stand on this matter. Lewy’s agent informed through Tomasz Włodarczyk that his client was not going anywhere. More here. Since the ‘special agent’ himself broke the silence, it means that Barcelona crossed a certain line.

What’s impressive about all of this is that no matter what’s going on around him, Lewandowski is able to leave it behind him when he steps out on the pitch. On Monday, against Real Sociedad (2-0), he did not score a goal, but he provided an assist in the match, after which Yamin Lamal scored the goal to make the score 1-0.

Meanwhile, Xavi took him off the field as a ‘reward’ fifteen minutes before the final whistle, with the score still uncertain at 1-0. The Barcelona coach continues to dismiss the Pole, and Lewy’s face after he sat on the bench said it all. It was anger mixed with disbelief. For him, sometimes the harder the better, which he also showed in Munich, but in the long run it is impossible to work efficiently in such a toxic environment.

At this point, Zahavi limited himself to a short denial, but that was only the beginning of the media war between Lewandowski and Barcelona. Lewy hasn’t said a bad word about the club yet, but when necessary, he can shake the walls, as happened at Bayern. More here.

A long media spectacle awaits us. The dirty laundry will be aired in public and all shenanigans will be allowed. The risks are very high, as we are talking about around €50 million in salary over the final two years of Lewy’s contract. When it comes to such money, there is no doubt about the feelings and gratitude.

Maciej Kmita, journalist at WP SportoweFakty
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