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Already in the second round of the PGE Ekstraliga we will see a struggle between the teams with the highest goals this season. Platinum Motor Lublin will be hosted by Tauron Włókniarz Częstochowa, and a very busy day awaits Mikkel Michelsen.

Tactical analysis of the match Tauron Włókniarz Częstochowa – Platinum Motor Lublin according to WP SportoweFakty.


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Faucigners: 9. Leon Madsen, 10. Jakub Mikowiak, 11. Maksim Drabik, 12. Kasper Wurina, 13. Mikkel Michelsen, 14. Kajetan Kubik, 15. Franceske Karzewski, 16. Anton Karlsson

engine: 1. Jaroslav Hampel, 2. Dominic Kubera, 3. Fredrik Lindgren, 4. Jack Holder, 5. Bartosz Zmarzlik, 6. Kasper Grzelak, 7. Mateusz Cerniak

Many managers and coaches assure that when arranging the lineup, they read the competition program from the end, so as to get the best set of pairs arranged for the crucial races. It is immediately clear that Jacek Ziółkowski and Maciej Kuciapa are betting on strong cards, because in the thirteenth installment we will see a strong couple on the track from the guests: Bartosz Zmarzlik – Fredrik Lindgren. In return will be Mikkel Michelsen and Jacob Mikoviak.

There is no doubt that the responsibility for the result of the hosts in this race will lie primarily with the Dane. Behind him was not a very successful inauguration ceremony in the colors of Lviv. On the track in Grudziądz he scored 8 points and 2 bonuses, and although from a statistical point of view it was not a bad result (average of 2 points per half), the competitor himself described it in the PGE Ekstraliga magazine as below average.

Watch the video Michelsen: The match against Motor will be another day ‘in action’. “A day like every other day”

Therefore, it is now expected that Michaelsen will want to rehabilitate himself. Only a severe Sunday awaits him, because in the morning he will take part in Final B of the European Team Championship in Pardubice, Czech Republic, postponed from Saturday. Immediately after the end of the competition, the Dane will travel to Czestochowa.

Riding two events in one day by a highway racer is nothing new, but it sure is a challenge for a competitor’s body. We shall see how these hardships will be borne by the Michelsen, on whose good conduct they depend in Conyers. There will be more races in which the representative of Denmark should play the main role (sixth and eighth).

However, after the first match in Grudziądz, it can be said that the power of the Czestochowa residents was evenly distributed. At the moment, the team is led by Leon Madsen and Maksim Drabik, who will start the Walkie-Wokneyers meeting in the first round. Jaroslav Hampel and Frederick Lindgren will face them. It is likely that the coach of Lviv, Lech Kędziora, will want from the aforementioned duo to start the confrontation with a double blow. The shape of these two allows us to believe that this is a scenario to be achieved.

Leon Madsen and Maksim Drabik were very well placed at Grudziądz

However, a problem may appear, for example, when Jaroslav Humble runs away from the start, who also gives a high disposition at the start of the season. It should be remembered that tarpaulins have been posted on the Czestochowa track since Thursday, so the surface may be a mystery to locals.

The visitors will get a very strong pair in the third race. Then, for their part, Bartosz Zmrzylik and Dominic Kubera will lead to the conveyor belt. It is not without reason that the Polish champion expects five points from this pair. They will want to thwart the aforementioned Michelsen, Kakper, and Lorena, who is advised by No. 12.

The position of the Rybnik club pupil in this position may have been due to the security of the hosts’ coaching staff, in case it turns out that the effects of a fall in the MPPK final in Rzeszów still prevented Woryna from starting. Włókniarz wanted to avoid the situation in Grudziądz, where in the absence of Woryna (who was then assigned number 5) their colors were defended twice by young players.

However, we already know what player will perform. He completed his training at Rybnik And it is fully packaged to confirm the very good form of the competitions leading up to the opening of the PGE Ekstraliga. Let us remind you that Kacper Woryna was m. 3rd in the PGE IMME or 4th in the Aces criterion, defeating the winner Artiom Łaguta as one of two players.

This meeting is an absolute result of the second round of the PGE Ekstraliga, where the nuances can decide. The first race is scheduled for Sunday at 19:15.

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