Pierce Brosnan in the new Bond movie.  “I think he has talent.”

In a recent radio interview, a fan asked the actor what he thought of the latest proposed James Bond show. Pierce Brosnan has played the British agent in four films, so he knows the hero inside and out. As it turns out, it's very positive.

In a recent interview, Pierce Brosnan said what he thinks about the actor who, according to rumours, will become the new Bond. He had this to say about Aaron Taylor-Johnson: “I think this guy has the strength, the talent and the charisma to play Bond, that's very true.”

These aren't opinions drawn out of thin air, because the gentlemen had actually met on the set of 2009's The Best. “One of the first movies we made, one of the earliest, was 'The Best.' And he was great in it.”

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