The most anticipated animation for the coming months.  it will happen!

I wanted to start this text by establishing why animation is such a great form of communication and a great component of the pop culture that we interact with every day. I was going to analyze about how awesome the direction things are going and how awesome it is that for decades, this particular formula has actually been moving steadily forward and by no means fading away. I wanted to, but I don’t have to. You don’t have to, because everyone knows that.

yes – Today the animation market is really hugeBut by no means oversaturated. All the time we can count on new creations from various studios and labels that delight, attract and draw to screens (both small and large) entire flocks of people of many generations. When I go to the cinema to watch cartoons from Disney or Pixar, in the room I see children and adults of preschool age of retirement age (not necessarily with children).

All this is perhaps the best description of the whole phenomenon. And the The coming months will be very hot in terms of new premieres. There will be a lot of animations that you will simply have to watch. We’ll get different visuals, completely different themes, and other places to debut. There will be feature-length cinematic works, as well as those on streaming platforms. Let me introduce you to the top ten things that will come up in a while.

Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind October 08, 2022

The next installment worth looking for is the next installment of the Legend Mortal Kombat series. After “Scorpio’s Revenge” and “The War of the Kingdoms”, it’s time for Part Three – this time focusing on one particular Kano. The creators will once again take us to the world of the famous fighting game, serve up a lot of interesting duels and maybe even delight in the idea of ​​​​adventure. Hopefully the level will rise again.

Wendell and Wild October 28, 2022

Horror for the little ones? Yes, definitely something like that. In the animation from Henry Selick, Clay Chapman and Jordan Peele himself, we will meet two demonic brothers (nickname) who will have to face their biggest enemies. It sounds cliched, but I can guarantee it can be really good. Anyway, check out the trailer for yourself because it’s really encouraging.

Dad’s Dragon (November 4, 2022)

It seems to me that the description we find on IBDb best describes the idea of ​​the production itself – “Elmer Elevator goes to Wild Island in search of the Dragon and quickly discovers much more than he could have guessed.” It sounds very interesting, and to combine it with the title … it will be a fun ride. The Netflix animation will of course be aimed at younger viewers, but I have a strange impression that the clashes also find great pleasure from the show.

Strange World (November 25, 2022)

I mentioned this production some time ago (in regards to the script for the upcoming cinema premiere) and it’s definitely worth writing about again. The trailer for past D23 was fun, and there are many indications that we’re going to have a really great road movie, which will bring us plenty of perfectly drawn characters and great, ethical animation that we’ll remember for a long time.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (December 8)

The famous character Kociak caused such a stir in Shrek that she immediately had her own films and series, and the latest one, which will show us the world of the hero, will be the first at the beginning of December. This time, the red-haired knight will have to face a question that hardly anyone knows the answer to – what to do at the end of his nine life. And… how can I get the other eight back!

Pinocchio (December 9, 2022)

This year we actually received a “Pinocchio” one, but I think we’ll agree that in the live-action version it didn’t live up to the expectations of fans around the world. Viewers’ and critics’ ratings are perhaps the best proof of this. However, the wooden brand itself will have another opportunity to delight the audience – thanks to the animation from Guillero del Toro himself. As you can imagine, things will happen!

The Amazing Morris January 13, 2023

One of the best recommendations for any mod is to say it’s based on Terry Pratchett’s novel. And to the delight of many, this will also be the case with this family novel. It’s the story of a very fluffy ginger cat that will likely open the year 2023 for us when it comes to animation. Let’s hope it’s a very strong start – there are many indications that it will be.

Spider-Man: Via the Spider-Verse (June 2, 2023)

I will not hide – this animation is the most anticipated of all that will appear in the coming months. In any case, considering the excellent level of the first installment, there is probably no one who would not expect what Sony will present us this time in the context of Miles Morales. It promises to be more interdimensional, which is just a plus.

Elemental (June 16, 2023)

The biggest downside in this case is the fact that we still know relatively little about said production. After all, it promises to be really interesting. First of all, it will be a story about the elements: earth, air, and above all – fire and water. And after the poster, you can expect that we’ll have a story in which opposites can attract each other very strongly. Ah, that’s right, secondly…it’s Pixar’s responsibility!

Suzumi Closes the Doors (2023)

It is a movie that has no release date. In this case, it is true that the debut is already specified, but only in Japan. In the West, we will have to be patient and probably wait a few more months. However, given the achievements of the creator responsible for this anime, as well as the first trailer, it’s definitely worth looking for any information.

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