“Pianoforte” – Where to watch Jakub Piątek's award-winning film?  what is he talking about?

This is an event that can change someone's life overnight. I had the opportunity to see it with my own eyes – says director Jakub Petek about the Chopin competition. His film Pianoforte shows the behind-the-scenes competition between the most talented pianists from around the world. The award-winning documentary is now available to watch on Player.

151 people came to audition in Warsaw for the 18th edition of the Chopin Competition in July 2021. On 2 October, the 21-day auditions began, with 87 pianists performing. As always, what matters is talent, charisma, skills and love of Chopin's music. But above all, you had to face yourself, and know that every wrong remark could affect your future. Jacob Petek shows behind the scenes of the Piano Olympics in his latest documentary Pianoforte. film Now available on Player.

“Piątek managed to capture what might seem impossible – the very special scenes of the Chopin Competition. (…) We accompany the young artists in different situations: during rehearsal, when choosing the right piano, just before going on stage or while waiting.” On the results of the stages suffix. We look at them in their family homes, moments of relaxation, but also in situations where they have to face fierce competition to check their performance,” writes Thomas Marcin Frona in his review of the documentary published on the website tvn24.pl.

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“Pianoforte” is now available in Player

“‘Pianoforte’ is a surprising and unique portrait of people who are willing to sacrifice everything in order to share their love of music,” sums up Tomasz Marcin Frona. Jakub Petek's work was also appreciated by members of the Polish Film Academy, who awarded him a statuette in the Best Documentary category during this year's Golden Eagles ceremony. The film also received awards and accolades at several festivals, including Millennium Docs Against Gravity and Młodzi i Film.

Jacob Petek is responsible for directing and writing “Pianoforte.” The producer of the document is Maciej Kubicki, and the author of the images is Filip Drozdz. The film was edited by Ola Klimek Piatek. Audio production by: Anna Rock, Michal Wojcik, and Joanna Popović. The film is produced by HBO Max, which is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, owner of, among others, TVN24.

“Pianoforte” will be released in theaters on February 16. As of March 1, the documentary is available on HBO Max. You can watch it now too In the operator.

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Main image source: Against gravity

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