Lidl's biggest hits are once again available at a very low price.  From Monday

An amazing promotion will start at Lidl on Monday (11/03). Customers will receive a discount of up to PLN 700 on their receipts. Many people will appear at the doors of shops all over Poland at the crack of dawn. A real hit at a record low price. You have to hurry, but it's worth adding a few things to your basket.

Great promotion at Lidl

Lidl's latest brochure tempts you to feature it right on the front page. The visual discount on the series' popular product is a big surprise. The money that will remain in your pocket is not small.

What will be on sale at Lidl on Monday (11 March)? German network

Offers a “Big Christmas Discount” of up to PLN 700

. The promotion applies to both stationery stores throughout Poland and customers shopping online.

Battle for a big lottery win. The case went to court

“Lidlomix” is 700 PLN cheaper

At Lidl, from Monday (11 March), you will be able to buy the MC Smart thermocobot with Wi-Fi 1200 W at a promotional price. Receipts at checkout will show an almost unimaginable picture

700 PLN discount

. Instead of 2,499 PLN, we will pay only 1,799 PLN for this multifunctional robot.


:Do you have a valid driver's license? Replacement is mandatory

The price is not low, but many Lidl customers cannot imagine working in the kitchen without the famous robot.

For PLN 1,799, we get a large, readable 8-inch HD display.

The chain offering the promotion confirms that the device has up to 15 automatic programs. Moreover, it also has additional functions, such as laptop function or meal planets.

Please remember that to take advantage of the MC Smart thermorobot promotion,

It is necessary to activate a special coupon

. The PLN 700 discount will appear on the receipt after checking the product at checkout, and only after finding the promotion in the Lidl app.

It's not just a food processor on sale at Lidl

However for Monday (11/03)

Lidl has prepared a longer list of promotions

. People preparing for Easter can stock up on what they have

Baking molds

. Square or round trays cost only PLN 24.99. For the same money we will buy a special baking tray.


: Employees can receive PLN 644. Big changes are coming

Undoubtedly, Lidl customers are also pleased with the garden display. People are preparing for spring cleaning

You can save money on the Parkside 20V Cordless Pole Trimmer

. From Saturday, March 16, you will be able to buy it at a cheaper price of PLN 50 compared to PLN 249. The same promotion applies to the 20V cordless pruning shears. In this case, after the discount, we will pay only PLN 199 for the Parkside tool.


A unique promotion at Lidl. Photo: Lidl

Source: Lidl

Gas recovery. We know who will get it and under what circumstances

This is not allowed on the balcony. This may result in a fine of up to PLN 500

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