Phone out of memory – How to clean phone and recover space?

Both android phones internal control Department It allows you to easily check what files are on your device and how much space they take up. Most smartphones most often It provides about 128 GB of internal memory.

However, every year, the number of applications we use increases significantly. Then the message appears on our devices.Out of memory on the phoneHow do you deal with this problem? First, check what you store on your device.

  • How to free up space on your Android phone?

How to clean Android phone? Go to section “Settings“Then select”Battery and device careHere you will check how much memory is left phone And on the SD card. You'll also find out how much space is taken up by specific file categories, such as apps, photos, and videos. After selecting one of these categories, you will receive information about… The app that takes up the most space.

Dive deeper into categories”the pictures“,”Applications“,”documents“the”Downloaded“”, you can delete specific data or files. Simply place your finger on one of them and press the button “wipe up“. For applications, there is also an option to reset to the initial settings – just select “Clear memory“the”Clear data“.

On some devices with Android system There is also a button “Clear memory“located in the main section”memoryWhen you click on it, you will get a list of old, very large or duplicate files. If you don't need them, you can delete them.

  • How to free up space on iPhone?

go to “Settings“And select options”general“And then”memoryA bar will appear on your screen with information about exactly what you store on your device and how much space the files take up. Below you'll see a chart with file suggestions and messages with large attachments that you can delete to free up space on your phone.

Below you will find a more detailed list of all the apps and files on your phone. Photos and videos consume the largest portion of memory, But they can also be the culprits Applications are rarely used. Here you will get rid of unnecessary photos, videos and applications. You can also clear the app's data and put it to sleep.

You can easily transfer photos, documents and video files from your phone memory to the SD card. in Android phone go to “my files“And the oath”Internal storage“.

  • After selecting a folder, for example “films“, you will be taken to a list of videos. When you press and hold one of them, several icons will appear at the bottom.
  • “squeeze”It moves“Then go back to the section.”my files“And select an option”Memory stick“.
  • You can now go to the folder on your SD card where you want to place the selected video file and press the buttonMove hereContinue in the same way with the following files.

Move applications from phone memory to SD card-You can make the application icon disappear from the home screen and appear only in the “ApplicationsHowever, it is worth remembering that After moving to the memory card, many applications stop working.

The photos we took with our smartphone, We can store them on the cloud at full resolution, Leave the smaller ones in the phone's memory. In this case, you should not be afraid of blurring or graininess, because the cameras available in smartphones shoot at a higher resolution than the screens that support them. This means yes We will not see all the details of the imageif we take photos with a 12-megapixel camera and display them on a 6-inch screen.

On your Android or iOS device, go to Settings in the appthe pictures“. It is worth remembering that in “Google images“There is a special option.”Free up space“, which allows you to back up your photos to your Google account and free up memory on your phone at the same time. On your iOS device, go to Settings and in “the pictures“Enable option”Improve memory iPhone“.

Low memory on your phone may also be due to cache overload. How to clean it? If you are using an Android device, in “memoryIn Settings you will find the options to delete all data or clear cache. Using the latter, you will delete temporary files, Any search history on YouTube or Chrome. If you choose to delete your data, It will clear the cache and user settings in the apps. This way you will also free up some memory on your phone.

How to clear cache on iPhone? The best solution would be to clear your history and website data in Safari. This way you will slow down Up to several hundred gigabytes of space on your phone. In Safari, selectSettings” > “Safari” > “Clear history and website dataYou can also do this in other browsers installed on your iPhone, such as Chrome or Firefox.

Some phones come with additional memory management features. If your device has the option “Smart memory“, phone Existing photo and video backups will be automatically deleted Older than 60 days. However, when the phone memory is almost full, all the backed up photos and videos will be automatically deleted.

You can also delete downloaded files manually. Just go to the app”Files“the”my files” on your Android or iOS phones and browse the download guide. You can remove it manually as well Applications and individual files downloaded by it.

Deleting old messages from your phone is also a good option. Just open the app”News“the iMessages Review old conversations. If there is nothing important in it, continue the conversation longer and click the button “wipe upThis way you can also have more space on your phone.

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