mBank.  Application – Changes in access to mBank mobile banking

mBank has announced significant changes to access to mobile banking. The bank plans to stop app updates on phones with older systems within a few weeks. “We do this for the safety of your money,” the bank explained.

As we read on the mBank website, the bank has 3.4 million active mobile banking users. Some of them need to be prepared for changes in access to the mBank app.

This applies to people who have iPhones with iOS lower than 16.0 or smartphones with Android lower than 8.0.

mBank about disabling the application

As announced, owners of phones running Android below version 8 can expect changes in early April and May. We read in the announcement: “In early April and May 2024 (we will inform you of the exact date in the next message) we will disable the application.”

For phones running iOS versions lower than 16, the approximate date the app will be disabled is not yet known. “We plan to suspend updates to our iOS app on versions below 16. We will provide the exact date of suspension in the next communication,” mBank announced.

If we want to use mobile banking on our devices, please update the software to a version supported by the provider. “We do this for the safety of your money,” the bank explained.

At the beginning of October, Santander Bank Polska disabled the old version of the application. In turn, Millennium Bank changed the website address for logging in to electronic banking services in the final weeks of last year.

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