PGNiG, Orlen and Lotos to increase production?  It's a ban

PGNiG This year gas production will increase to 7 billion cubic meters. Fuel companies are facing a merger that will create a strong entity that also translates to increased production.

“look at me […] The need for solidarity with its southern neighbors, the need for the rapid diversification of Orlin in the Czech Republic, for which Orlin was ready, because there was nothing left in Lithuania Russian oilAll improvement measures for today are on the table ”- said the Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa on May 6 during a press conference, answering the question of whether the government will persuade local companies increase production.

PGNiG reported that in 2021, natural gas production (in terms of high methane gas) in the PGNiG group a total of 5.4 billion cubic meters, of which 3.7 billion cubic meters. Of gas, domestic production is 1.4 billion cubic meters. On the Norwegian shelf, 0.3 billion cubic meters. mining in Pakistan. Accordingly, the PGNiG group produced a total of 1.37 million tons of crude oil (including condensate), of which 643 thousand tons. Tons of crude oil were produced in the country, 732 thousand dollars. Tons of extraction in Norway.

PGNiG It reported that in 2021 it completed the development of the Aerfugl field, launched production from the Grasel and Duva fields, and completed the acquisition of the Kvitebjørn and Valemona fields as well as all mining assets owned by INEOS E&P Norge. On December 31, 2021, the United Nations PGNiG acquired interests in 58 exploration and production licenses on the Norwegian continental shelf, including 8 operator licenses. At the beginning of 2022, as a result of the award of additional licenses as part of the APA2021 round, the number of licenses increased to 62.

“We assume an increase in hydrocarbon production this year: natural gas From the Norwegian concessions – from 1.4 billion cubic meters. In 2021 by 1.6 billion cubic meters. Up to 3.0 billion cubic meters, that is, with domestic extraction remaining at a similar level to last year – up to 7.0 billion cubic meters. The concern predicts production in Norway at the level of 863,000 tons. tons of crude oil in 2022 and, respectively: 798 thousand. tons and 928 thousand. tons in the years 2023-2024 ”- announced the company PGNiG.

PGNiG indicated that in terms of domestic natural gas deposits, it is making investments that will allow it to increase production volumes to 3.9 billion cubic meters in the next two years.

In line with PGNiG’s strategy, the Group’s priority with regard to initial investments is to increase access to natural gas. Part of implementing this assumption was, inter alia, the acquisition last year of all of INEOS E&P Norge’s assets, including hydrocarbons, 94% of which is natural gas – the company confirmed.

It was also noted that this does not mean that there is no investment in oil production.

“An example of this is the investments made in the two largest mines in Poland Crude oil, such as KRNiGZ Dębno and KRNiGZ Lubiatów, which we plan to complete by the end of 2024, which will allow to increase crude oil production from these mines. In turn, in 2025, we plan to operate new, smaller oil fields, such as the Sieraków field (Wielkopolskie district) or Gryżyna (Lubuskie district) ”- PGNiG reported.

PGNiG also stated that one of the effects of the creation of a multi-energy company by PKN Orlen, PGNiG and Grupa Lotos is the creation of a strong entity capable of dynamic development, also in its hydrocarbon production field.

Lotus group It noted that it produces hydrocarbons in Poland, Norway and Lithuania. The average volume of extraction from domestic deposits is currently about 5.4 thousand tons. boe (barrels of crude oil equivalent) / day (32% of the total volume of production of Grupa Lotos), about 11.4 thousand BoE / day come from foreign deposits (68% of the total volume) – the company reported.

increase in production It will occur mainly as a result of the implementation of new development projects. An example is the B8 field, where the development phase has been completed, and is currently in the production growth phase. The company is taking steps to develop new deposits, both in Poland and abroad. The Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grupa Lotos stated that taking into account the time required to implement the field related to field development, the production of new projects will increase in the coming years. Investments and Innovation Jaroslav Wróbel.

The vice president of Lotus pointed to the company’s major development projects in the exploration and production sector. This is the development of the deposit Crude oil Yme in Norway: a project in the final stage of offshore startups with an average production of about 1.8 thousand barrels of oil per day and a planned production target of close to 5 thousand barrels per day. boe/day for Lotos share. In addition to developing fields in the Trell / Trine region of Norway. Lotost indicated that the project is in the process of preparing a development plan with a possible date to start production in 2025.

The company is also developing the B4 / B6 natural gas fields in the Baltic Sea. The project is in the process of preparing for an investment decision with a possible date to launch mining in 2026.

lotus It is also preparing a development plan for the NOA and Fulla . fields in Norway. Production is expected to start in 2027.

– Lotos Petrobaltic also plans to conduct exploration work to document new hydrocarbon deposits in its concessions – added Jaroslav Vrubel.

He also noted that the company is working to improve production of the currently exploited deposits on an ongoing basis, taking into account, inter alia: the ongoing program to rebuild production wells in the Baltic B3 field and the backfill drilling program in the B3 fields in Poland and Sleipner in Norway.

– said Jaroslav Vrubel: – These activities mainly contribute to stabilizing production and stopping the downward trend of deposits at the stage of mature exploitation.

Orlin However, he emphasized that mining is one of the pillars of its development and transformation into a multi-energy interest.

It should be noted that Orlin’s strategy until 2030 provides for an almost threefold increase in the daily production of hydrocarbons. For this purpose – according to the assumptions of the strategy – the concern intends to spend an average of PLN 900 million annually.

– Both in Poland and Canada, the efficiency of exploration for already exploited deposits is increasing, and the work on preparing more discoveries and deposits for the extraction and drilling of more exploratory wells. In Canada, these are the regions: Ferrier, Kakwa and Lochend, and in Poland, the Edge, Miocen, Płotki and Sieraków projects – Orlen declared.

The company added that since the beginning of the year, production from 9 new wells has been launched in Canada, and investments are being made in Poland to enable production to be launched as quickly as possible on existing assets.

In the first quarter of 2022, Orlen’s production in Poland averaged 0.8 thousand tons. (barrels of oil equivalent) / day and was at the same level as in the corresponding period of 2021, while in Canada it rose slightly and reached 15.4 thousand. bank / d. Orlen’s average production in 2021 was 16.7 thousand. oil / day, of which 1.1 thousand. oil equivalent / day, and in Canada 15.6 thousand barrels. Oil / today.


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