Krakow.  The first Max Burger in Krakow.  Here's what surprised us at the opening

  • The chain of restaurants MAX Burgers is growing more and more on the Polish market. A few days ago, the first opened in Krakow, and the thirteenth in Poland
  • – We’ve had questions for months, especially via Facebook and other social media, when we finally opened MAX Burgers in Krakow – says Dominik Szulowski, PR Manager at MAX Premium Burgers in an interview with Onet Podróe
  • – I’m a huge fan of this restaurant and can’t imagine I’m going to miss here today – admitted one of the people waiting in a rather long line before opening
  • We tried one of the groups. The burger was delicious, but it didn’t stand out from the sandwiches of other fast food restaurants. The price is also similar to the competition
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Although we already have many fast food chains in Poland, many Krakow residents waited for the opening of MAX Burgers. The closest place was in Silesia. Now lovers of burgers of this Swedish company, He will be able to go to Nowohucka Street, where the first restaurant opened in Krakow on December 14.

They were in Europe before McDonald’s came

The history of MAX Premium Burgers dates back to 1968, when Curt Bergfors and Britta Fredriksson opened their first restaurant in northern Sweden – in Gällivare. Only three years later, in 1971, the famous McDonald’s in America appeared on the European market.

We are still a family business from northern Sweden with half a century traditions, because the first facility far from the Arctic Circle in Sweden was opened in the city of Gallivar – says Dominic Zolovsky, Director of Public Relations at MAX Premium Burgers in an interview with Onet Podróe, and adds that the restaurant in Krakow is already 13th in Poland.

– Szulowski admits.

It is undeniable that residents of many cities have an appetite for Max Burger. There are many Internet user inquiries about opening a restaurant, including. In Rzeszów, Szczecin, and Płock. Soon, new workplaces will appear in Gdansk and Prochkov.

Grand opening in Krakow. Long queue in front of the entrance

We got there minutes before 10, and were surprised at the door A very long line has already been formed.

Photo: Natalia Gomuchka / Onet

Line up in front of the entrance at the opening of MAX Burgers in Krakow

In the meantime, we decided to ask the guests why they were coming.

– Says one of the people waiting for the opening with a smile on his lips.

– We just happened to run through the hole quite a bit. We have never eaten in this restaurant before so we find it often – The couple confesses, and also waits in line.

Exactly at 10 am the place opened.

Photo: Natalia Gomułka / Onet

The festive opening of the first Max Burger in Krakow

We’ve been getting questions for months, especially via Facebook and other social media, when we finally opened MAX Burgers in Krakow. Just the fact that Up to 3,000 people signed up for the opening event on Facebook. people points That there are many Krakow residents who have been looking for an alternative to the American competition when it comes to the fast-food restaurant market, admits Dominik Szulowski.

Photo: Natalia Gomuchka / Onet

Quite a few Krakow residents have visited MAX Burgers in Krakow

Delicious burger, but without the “wow effect”

At the entrance we are greeted by the staff who immediately express a willingness to help. When asked if this was our first visit to MAX Burgers, we say yes. The lady is moving with us A short interview about our preferences and together we choose the option that meets our expectations.

By the way, we ask about the menu for people who do not eat meat. The Swedish restaurant chain offers a wonderful meatless product – Delifresh Plant Beef. Its recipe is based on plant protein, making Delifresh Plant Beef look and taste like meat. This is an important step in reducing the impact of the network on the climate. This is what distinguishes Max Burger from other fast food restaurants.

For us, meat-free burgers are actually the third equal product platform. Jonas Martinsson, formerly a chef at the Swedish royal court, is responsible for their taste, so he has all the competencies when it comes to creating unique flavor combinations – emphasizes Public Relations Director Dominic Zolovsky.

Photo: Natalia Gomułka / Onet

MAX Burgers has a wide selection of veggie burgers as well as many customization options

Although the restaurant was very crowded, ordering was going very smoothly. After only two to three minutes, we pick up our kit and go to the table.

The burger was delicious It did not stand out from the sandwiches from other fast food restaurants. The vegetables were fresh, the meat was tender and well cooked, but a bit chewy. The fries were very thin but refrigerated which made them very thin They have lost their crunchy taste and definitely lost their flavour. The set also included a sauce, the taste of which can be chosen according to your preferences at the ordering stage. We decided to go to the classics and decided on the so-called “original”. It looked like ketchup mixed with mayonnaise, and was very greasy. It is worth adding this to french fries We didn’t get extra ketchup, it’s usually included in the price at other restaurants.

Photo: Natalia Gomułka / Onet

The set we ordered from Max Burger

The price of this set is 22.75 PLN. For comparison, at McDonald’s we will pay 22.20 PLN for the set: French fries + drink + Big Mac, so the costs are the same.

In our opinion, if you want a high-quality burger, It is better to go to a restaurant that is the opposite of fast food, Because we will only pay a few zlotys more, and We will eat in completely different and more comfortable conditions.

What are the other prices for Max Burger? As you can see, we chose one of the cheapest collections presented. Most of them cost about 27-28 PLN.

Photo: Natalia Gomuchka / Onet

Max Burger menu

Summing up Max Burger’s visit to Krakow, We didn’t get out of there hungry. Given that there were quite a few people at the opening, There was a slight mess in the room. Guests were looking for free tables, wandering the alleys – which certainly disturbed the comfort of eating.

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