The bailiff will be able to charge less. Who will benefit from the debtors? Check who and how much will remain in the account.

From July, bailiffs will be able to earn less. However, not every debtor will bail out. The amount of the minimum wage will change, and with it the amount free of deductions. But the alimony must be deducted in the old fashioned way.

There are limits to discounts and allowances.

One of the manifestations of the protection of pay for work is the strict definition in applicable regulations of the rules for making and implementing deductions. The employer making the deduction must take into account, among other things: the order of deductions specified in the regulations, as well the border I Amounts are free of discounts.. The last one is the minimum that an employee should receive in relation to his salary. It is calculated based on the amount of the minimum wage, so in 2024 it increased in January, and from July it will increase again. This means that bailiffs will be able to seize a smaller part of the salary through employers.
The deduction-free amount is:
1) the minimum wages due to full-time employees, after deducting social security contributions, personal income tax advances and payments made to the employee capital plan, if the employee has not waived their performance – when deducting amounts imposed under enforcement bonds to cover obligations other than maintenance payments;
2) 75% of the bonus specified in point 1 – when deducting cash advances granted to the employee.
3) 90% of the bonus specified in point 1 – minus the fines stipulated in Article 108 KB

Free amounts do not apply to alimony.

This means that in the case of an employee who uses tax-exempt basic costs and a tax-reduced amount and does not make payments to the PPK, Free amount The 100 percent minimum wage after deducting social security contributions and personal income tax advances is PLN 3,221.98 until June 30, 2024, and from July 1, 2024, this amount will increase to PLN 3,261.53. This means that 75 percent of the wage will be increased from PLN 2,416.49 to PLN 2,446.15, and 90 percent of this amount from PLN 2,899.78 to PLN 2,935.38.
Although the increase in the indicated amounts may seem small, in a situation where an employee’s wages are subject to confiscation, every zloty counts. However, debtors should remember that amounts free of deduction do not apply to them. Maintenance Categories In their case, deductions are made in an amount of up to 3/5 of the salary, without the need to pay the employee the specified minimum.

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