Największy sprzedawca detaliczny gazu PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny obniża od piątku o 25 proc. ceny gazu dla odbiorców biznesowych - poinformowała spółka. Obniżka cen zawartych w aktualnym cenniku „Gaz dla Biznesu” nr 9 ma obowiązywać do końca lutego.

And retailer PGNiG, the largest gas retailer, has cut 25 percent since Friday. Gas prices for business customers – the company informed. The price reduction in the current price list of “Della Business 9” Gas is valid until the end of February.

Taking advantage of the discount does not require any action from the customerincluding the conclusion of additional contracts. Gas fuel prices, subject to the reduction, will be applied automatically in settlements – explained the head of PGNiG, Pawe Majewski.

PGNiG OD also informed that the company is doing a thorough analysis of the market environment and will take further steps in line with the changes.

The discount is offered to entrepreneurs from today until February 28.

As emphasized by PGNiG OD President Henryk Mucha, the cut-off is a response to the currently changing gas prices on the Polish Energy Exchange, where the company is supplied. Prices were still at record levels in December, but are now down, but the market situation is still very unstable and a return to the upside cannot be ruled out. That is why we decided to introduce the discount that will be a real help for entities such as: bakeries, hairdressers and service companies “- Inform Mucha. This solution will allow Polish businessmen to reduce gas bills by a quarterą – added.

With the advent of the new year, energy and gas bills increased: for gas an average of 54 percent, and electricity by about 24 percent. This is when it comes to individual clients. The accounts of local governments or businesses may increase by up to several hundred percent.

We paid PLN 400 per month for gas. Now we got an invoice for 1280 zlotys“This is part of an email from our listener, Mr. Radoslaw, who runs a hair salon in Piotrków Trybunalski. We contacted them by phone.” We do not want to close the plant, but we do not know what the future will bring, ”- he told us.

There are many such signals from you. Ms. Bogusława from Zgierz, who runs the shooting point so far In June, I paid more than 800 PLN per month for gas, and in December more than 2500 PLN. The last forecast she received was over 4000 PLN per month.

A similar problem in the beauty salon of our listener, Mrs. Claudia. Then The gas bill has more than quadrupled: from 250 zlotys to 1350 zlotys.

The heating bill in my restaurant increased from PLN 800 to PLN 2,000. There are still more increases this year– That’s what Mr. Damien wrote to us.

The gas fee from Mr. Robert, who runs a restaurant in Gliwice, Silesia, has increased more than sixfold.

“I can confirm that gas prices are bare. Here In the spa sanatorium in Krynica-Zdrój, the price of gas increased by 340%. January 2021 calculation – PLN 36000 forecast for January 2022 – PLN 130,000. horror! – Peter wrote to us.

Adrian, who runs a pizzeria in the Podkarpaşe district of Chakot, wrote to us: “Our gas bills are getting even with more than 400% increases compared to the previous year. In addition, high electricity bills, along with rampant inflation, have made it more difficult to keep a restaurant running. Another moment of this situation and we will have to shut down the business completely, because it will be impossible to retain this number of employees. ”

“How am I supposed to do business? Do I just have to earn my bills? I already feel like doing business – I’m thinking of selling, but who is going to buy it now“- wrote Marcin, who runs a restaurant in Wola Dalsza near Łańcut in Podkarpacie -” In previous years, I paid about 3700-4000 PLN for gas, and in November I got a bill of 10899.23 PLN, the consumption was always the same. After visiting PGNiG, she showed me: 356% increase and I said: Get ready for January! The increase over October 2021 is only 580%.”

Sim supported freezing gas charges for some customers

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