More expensive sanatoriums.  Not everyone will be able to afford the tournament

Patients referred to the sanatorium from the National Health Fund do not pay for treatment. However, they have to pay for the room. Fees are set by the Ministry of Health.

We will pay more for staying in a sanatorium

Everyday “fact” reminds you that the cost of your stay depends on the room standard and the season. It is cheaper in the fall and winter, and more expensive in the spring and summer. However, since May, the spa stay fee has gone up.

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“In the cheapest option – in a dormitory room without sanitary facilities – the extra is PLN 27.30. In the most expensive, in one room – as much as PLN 174.30 (Standard fee for a 21-day stay). “- enumerates today.

The “fact” also reminds you that accommodation fees aren’t everything. “Patients have to pay extra to use the kettle in the room, the TV, or even to change towels. Travel – The National Health Fund does not reimburse travel for treatment. This is an exception, because both ZUS and KRUS reimburse patients for traveling with the cheapest transportation.

Changes in sanatoriums

As of January, a change has come into effect that will simplify the process of organizing a camp trip. Patients will no longer have to send referrals issued by doctors to the ward National Health Fund. They will be replaced by documents issued electronically.

but that is not all. The spa is also preparing to expand the range of possibilities for patients. From 2024 They will choose the sanatorium where they will recover – This is confirmed by the Minister of Health, Adam Nidzielski, to “Fact”.

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