Atomic Ghost Project.  PLN 80 million down the drain?

As we read, Donald Tusk's government is planning further work on developing HTR nuclear reactors. But according to what the DGP concluded, “serious reservations have been raised against him for years regarding the lack of effective oversight of the program or Unjustified business trips worth hundreds of thousands of zlotys“Work on Polish HTRs was supposed to cost at least PLN 80 million.

“Risk” HTRs.

“Irenius Ziska, then State Secretary of the Climate Ministry, refers to the danger of ‘ineffective management of public funds’ in one of the letters we obtained,” the daily wrote.

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Enthusiasts of the solution point out that HTR reactors could be Poland's ticket to the forefront of the nuclear industry. – Thanks to this work, Poland has already become number one in Europe in the field of development of fourth-generation reactors, – says Józef Sobolevski, representative director of the National Center for Nuclear Research for this technology, quoted by “DGP”.

Government analyzes obtained by the newspaper indicate this Most similar projects involve high costs and delays in implementation. Due to technical problems, the HTR was operated in Japan for only 50 days from the time of its construction.

The presentations and reports envisage the construction of the first such experimental unit in Swierc near Warsaw within a few years. Within a dozen years or so – the technology was commercialized. High-temperature reactors should be the basis for the development of emission-free combined heat and power plants and heating plants, answering, among other things, to meet the needs of the chemical or fuel industries, as they will replace sources based on fossil fuels. In the future, they could also be used to produce hydrogen – DGP wrote.

However, the work carried out to date has not resulted in a technical design. As we read, “This requires further support and another three years of work.”

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