Peter J. Lucas starred in the movie “Killers 2”.  Reveals an unknown truth behind the scenes

Peter J Lucas in an interview with Beljada:

  • He tells how he joined the team of the movie “Kiler 2”
  • He reveals what Julius Machulski asked him to do before filming
  • He admits how he came to sing in the movie “Ave Maria”
  • He reveals how he changed the script of a scene in Juliusz Machulski's comedy
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Sergius Krulak, It has been 25 years since the premiere of the film “Kiler 2-óch”, in which you played the villain – the ruthless paid killer, “The Jackal”. This role made you very popular. How do you remember her today?

peter c. Lucas: Amazing! Although last week I was expressing my appreciation to a taxi driver for not using it gps ltdHe looked in the mirror and said: Are you an actor? “Yes”. “Two killers”? A jackal? “correct”. “Exactly, because the voice suited me, but the face didn't quite suit me. I recognized you by your voice.” Well, after all, it's been 25 years…

How did you come to play the Jackal?

Julius Machulski He has always been “Polish” to me Steven Spielbergham“Because every movie he made was a hit. I met him when he came to Los Angeles to close a deal on the script.”kilo“We met at Cassia Figura's birthday party. Later we saw each other again in Palm Springs and I thought it would be a good idea to offer him my acting gig.

Peter J. Lucas Private Archive

Juliusz Machulski, Katarzyna Figura, and Peter J. Lucas

What was it like?

Although there is not much in this demo yet, it seems to me that the main role is the so-called guest episode.I want to marry”, caught his attention. Because after a few months I received a phone call from Julek, offering me a role in “Kilerów 2-óch”.

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