Prince Harry called William in tears!  Here's why!

Queen Elizabeth II Her health has deteriorated somewhat recently, as reported in the media around the world. As a result, she spent one night in the hospital and her participation in several events was cancelled.

Her grandson Prince Harry has dealt with the situation very hard, which he would not have been there due to living on another continent.

Or at least that’s what the British media reported. According to an informant in the magazine “New Idea”, Harry was very upset by the deteriorating health of his grandmother.

To find out the whole truth, William called. He remembers the situation several months ago, when his grandfather died, and he had not known anything for a long time, because he did not answer the phone that was ringing in the middle of the night.

In the conversation with William, emotions seemed to take hold and Harry cried like a baby!

Despite the fact that he and his wife Meghan Markle separated from the royal family, the fate of his relatives, especially his beloved grandmother, still lies in his heart.

However, his brother reassured him that the situation with the Queen’s health was not that serious, and that he would keep him informed if necessary.

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