Sean Penn’s best death screen.  Do you agree with his choice?
Sean Bean has died so often in movies (and TV shows) that fans are already making jokes about it. The actor recently spoke to Screen Rant, where he mentioned his killer trend.

Which death scene does Sean Penn think is the best?

Screen death accompanied the actor from the very beginning of his career. Derek Jarman gave him his first big movie role Caravaggio. There he played a title painter who ends up getting killed. Thus began a trend that continues to this day.

Bean talks about it in an interview with Screen Rant: My first death was in a Caravaggio movie directed by a great guy named Derek Jarman. The film was about the life and work of the artist Caravaggio. It was my first day on set, so when we were doing the scene where my character’s throat gets slashed, I was like, “Great.” [śmiech] But then it became more and more.

In a career spanning nearly 40 years, Bean has died more than 20 times. Sometimes he was knocked down by a “normal” bullet, other times it was absolutely gruesome deaths. Which is considered the best?

I think the best death was Boromera’s death “Lord of the rings”. It was a very epic, emotional and poignant death. Peter Jackson let me die long enough and showed my feelings, with all the goofiness and the right music in the background. I liked that.

We pick the worst and best screen scenes of Sean Penn’s death

A few years ago, we put together our own list of Sean Penn’s best and worst death scenes. We invite you to watch it:

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