An amazing achievement, the pole is the champion of the prestigious league.  He’s made a lot of money and wants more

Jacob Kazuba Before the Friday concert European Professional Fighters Association In Dublin he probably did not expect to achieve such great success. The Pole, who is undefeated in mixed martial arts so far, faced a huge challenge, but also an opportunity. The Combat Night lightweight championship was on the line in the fight against John Mitchell.

Earlier, during the previous festivals, Kaszuba defeated Maxim Radu and Dylan Tuck, paving the way for the most important fight of his career to date. The Pole was the favorite in the fight, so he was under much more pressure than the Irishman.

The fight did not start well for the 28-year-old. After seconds of calmly “checking” Kasuba, Mitchell initiated a dynamic move and hit him with a powerful front kick. He immediately caught up with the slightly stunned Pole and was about to tip the scales of victory to his side. Kaszuba weathered the storm of blows He is still able to return to competition.

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Jacob Kasuba is hungry for more success in PFL Europe

The second round turned out to be the winner. Jacob Kazuba hit his opponent hard during the clinch and lost focus. The pole did not waste this opportunity. He started hitting his opponent and the referee had to stop the fight. This means that The 28-year-old could claim the title of PFL European Champion in the lightweight division. It was his eleventh consecutive victory in the fight.

I didn’t expect the first round fight to look like this. My opponent crushed me and dealt me ​​huge damage. However, I’m from Poland and I’m trying to move on. I was patient, listened to the coach and didn’t stop

~ Jakub Kazuba in conversation with a “DAZN” reporter after the win

In addition to the championship belt, Kaszuba also received the Cash dividends of $100,000. Profits can therefore be estimated at around PLN 400,000. However, there is still a lot to be won.

“I have achieved everything I worked for. Money is secondary. I’m not interested in it. I have my job. But the first few seconds when you know you’ve won, especially after following your coach’s instructions, are a surprise. “A unique feeling,” the player said. Something like fate.”

The greatest achievement in the case of PFL Europe is victory in the main tournament. In addition to the glory of glory, there is a cash prize of $1 million for victory. Jacob Kasouba currently competes in the lightweight division, where Olivier Aubin-Mercier has been unrivaled over the past two seasons. The Canadian won 10 fights in a row.

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He silenced Legia fans in a second. What a story at KSW/INTERIA.TV

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