Ega Christmas's mother spoke about her contacts with her daughter.  Very limited.  Then tennis dots it

Her daughter is currently the best tennis player in the world, as evidenced by the WTA world rankings. She’s won 30 consecutive games – the most in her career so far – and has won five consecutive championships in the past few weeks. Currently Iga birthday She fights for the second victory of Roland Garros. Pole advanced to the third round by defeating Alison Riske 6-0, 6:2 without any problems.

Iga’s mother told Švetik about her relationship with her daughter. “I don’t want to explore the matter.”

brilliant consequences Iga Christmas These are years of hard work, as the competition discovered itself and its relatives. In the past, we listened to Iga’s father many times, Tomasz SchwietikWho supported his daughter from the start. In the process, she was also accompanied by her mother, Świątek . DorotaWhich, however, remains more in the light of the sporting life of her daughter, as was said in WP SportoweFakty.

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– I watch most of my daughter’s games. Iga is now grown up, independent and independent. He doesn’t have to go to tournaments with his mom. He has his own team. I don’t feel like I withdrew from her sporting life voluntarily. You don’t have to be physically present to support someone. I was a multi-tasking mom and actually stood by… a dental chair plenty of time to ensure my daughter’s overall personal development. This allowed them to enjoy winter trips and holidays every year, as well as travel around Poland and Europe in order to pursue their passion for sports and travel. It allowed them to fulfill all their needs and aspirations. Not only in sports – said Dorota Świątek.

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So what is the relationship between mother and daughter? – I always congratulate my daughter on winning titles, often by e-mail. However, connectivity is very limited. Iga often travels abroad, he has a very tight schedule and many responsibilities. She added after a moment that she was preoccupied with her professional affairs.

Dorota Świątek does not hide that the current contact with her daughter depends not only on her, but also on her daughter, who has already grown up and “forms relationships with others on her own.” It is not only affected by distance and the schedule associated with the WTA schedule. – There are also family factors, but I do not wish to explore the subject further. Let’s make a point here – said Iga Švetik’s mother.

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The woman openly admitted that she did not hold Iga Švetik to show her how to hit the ball accurately on the court. – The coaches took care of the children in sports Tennis – She said, adding that her task was to prepare the child for training, which was not only to take him to court, but, for example, to introduce an appropriate diet. – At home, I paid attention to the details – said Dorota Świątek.

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So when he knows that the child will achieve the success that you have Iga your lips? During the first training of a child, we do not know what his mental and physical inclination is to do so sports: What are the biochemistry, physiology, mental flexibility, will he be willing to work hard under pressure, and finally, will he be healthy and happy. Every parent thinks their son is smart, and that can be deceiving. However, Iga had a really good prognosis. Signs from abroad confirmed this – said the mother of the 20-year-old.

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