Perseverance has captured a spot on the sun.  He is heading towards the ground

The Perseverance rover has been on Mars for several months. With facilities in the form of a small Ingenuity helicopter. The spacecraft has already taken a large number of pictures of the Red Planet. In one of the latter, we have the opportunity to see not the surface of Mars, but the distant Sun.

Perseverance pointed its camera at the sun and captured a large swath in the image. The image was taken with the Mastcam-Z instrument on August 20, 2023. Mars is currently located in a different location from Earth and thus this spot It has not yet appeared on our planet. You will be able to See you in a few days.

“Because Mars orbits on the far side of the sun, Perseverance may see approaching sunspots more than a week earlier than we do,” a statement on read.

Sunspots are dark, relatively cool regions where the Sun’s magnetic field is particularly strong. These are often the places where solar flares and coronal mass ejections occur. Unfortunately, these are phenomena unfavorable for the Earth. It could affect satellite navigation and disrupt power grids. This is why keeping track of them is so important.

The Perseverance rover landed on Mars in a 45-kilometer crater called Jezero. There was a river delta there and that is why this site was chosen to be studied at an angle Looking for signs of old lifeWhich may have been common on the red planet. NASA, in cooperation with the European Space Agency, also wants to bring some samples for examination in laboratories on Earth. It will be a difficult task and it is already in the works. Recently, special engines have been tested that will be used in a rocket designed to transport research materials to Mars orbit. Then they will be picked up by a special probe, which will bring them to Earth. This mission will be the first in the history of space exploration when samples from another world will be delivered to our planet.

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