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There are 3-6 thousand people in Poland. Ukrainian scientists who have come to our country since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine – said the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Prof. Jerzy Dosinsky. – Our urgent task now is to preserve the intellectual potential of Ukrainian science – he added.

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a. Jerzy Dosinski He noted that there is no accurate data on the number of Ukrainian scientists in Poland who came after the Russian attack.

– According to the data of the local Ministry of Education, 35 thousand people worked in Ukraine before the war. scholars. According to our estimates From 3 to 6 thousand of them are now in Poland – He said. He explained that it is about scientists working in universities and institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Only a small part of them got work in Poland, says the president of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The Academy has prepared a total of 220 scholarships for Ukrainian scientists for a period of three months. As part of them, scientists work in the institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

a. Duszyński said that most of them are women. Several million zlotys were allocated for this purpose, including from the private resources of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Sciences (NAS), the German Academy of Natural Scientists Leopoldina, Academia Sinica, Cheng Kung University in Taiwan and Elsevier. PAS institutes have applied for scholarships on behalf of Ukrainian scientists – said Prof. Dr. Duszyński.

Research group on Ukrainian scholarship holders

The interest was certainly more than the number of seats available. – At first we were dealing with a real assault – he said. . added The first competition was announced by the Academy on March 1, That is, a few days after the start of the war.

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a. Duszyński emphasized that Ukrainian scientists working in the institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences as part of three-month scholarships, retain affiliation with their parent Ukrainian research units. So they work a certain way on their parent units – added.

The President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, when asked about the profit of Polish institutes from hosting a scientist from Ukraine, hoped that the Poles from these institutes would take part in authoring the resulting scientific articles. He considered that much in this matter depends on the directors of the institutes, who have many powers and independence.

Our other goal is to grow a research group on the best Ukrainian scholarship holders. We want this person to be able to Managing the work of doctoral students – be it in Poland or in Ukraine – The professor confirmed. Duszyński.

Scholarships issued

The National Science Center has also prepared dozens of scholarships for scientists.

– At the moment, we are changing our approach, because we understand that three months is a custom procedure, “getting you off the street”. He added that we are now in the process of extending the scholarship period for the most eminent scholars.


The Polish Academy of Sciences has already secured funds for this – it already has financial commitments from the American Academy of Sciences.

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Another activity indicated by the President is the organization of travel grants by the Polish Academy of Sciences For many European research centers, incl. Max Planck Institutes in Germany and the Dutch and Austrian Academy of Sciences.

– We want Ukrainian scholarship holders who are in the institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences to be able to take part in three-month research training courses in leading scientific institutions to establish scientific contacts there – he explained.

Most likely, in June, the Polish Academy of Sciences will announce another scholarship competition of the most prominent Ukrainian scientists – This time sponsored by the Taiwan Academy of Seneca.

Another Polish Academy of Sciences Scholarship Competition will soon follow

– About 10 people will receive them for a longer period. We already have many researchers on the radar, including distinguished mathematicians and heads of some institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – the professor revealed. Duszyński. Conditions should be better than in the case of scholarships organized by the National Science Center – emphasized the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

About 50 people will benefit from the NCN program. It will be funded by the National Science Center One-year residency in Polish academic and research units – It will provide the necessary funds for salaries and research. The budget for the program is 6 million PLN.

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Ukrainian science managers dream of a generation gap in Ukrainian science. Ukraine will lose many talented researchers who will continue their careers abroad. I understand this concern.

He emphasized that he is in constant contact with the President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, A. Anatoliy Zahorodny, and the support organized by the Polish Academy of Sciences is being prepared in close consultation with the Ukrainian side.

– Our task at the moment is to preserve the intellectual potential of Ukrainian science – emphasized the professor. Duszyński.

– We would also like to send a signal to the scientific community in Ukraine that we express our solidarity with him and that we are doing everything we can to help him – concluded.

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