Places in memory of Andre Laczabelle and Monique Mercury

The city of Montreal announced Friday that it plans to name the parks in memory of two actresses who have died in recent years, Andre Lacabelle and Monique Mercury.

The name “Irma-Levasur Park” has been confirmed by the city, which is part of an extension of the public square located in the metropolitan area of ​​Outremont. Irma Levassur was the first French-speaking woman to study medicine in Quebec after graduating in the United States in 1900.

“By honoring these three women, we highlight their exceptional journey and celebrate the Montreal talent and invaluable contribution to our city’s history and culture,” the statement said. Citizen’s Experience and Tradition in Democracy and Transparency, Communication and Management, Emily Tuiler.

In the Plateau-Mont-Royal metropolis, Andre-Lacabelle is located on East Firmont Avenue, between two sections of Saint-Dominic Street. Mrs. Lachchabelle, who died in November 2019, grew up in this neighborhood.

With a strong commitment to social and humanitarian organizations, the famous actress has been appointed as the Order of Canada and the Night of Order Officer in Quebec.

Monique Mercury, whose public space will be created in Outremont, “Champagneur, south of Avenue Bernard”, had a 60-year career in the arts and entertainment industry. He was appointed a great officer for the Order of Quebec, mMe Mercury died in May 2020.

Two new place names will be nominated at the next municipal council meeting. Relevant metropolitan areas will also support these proposals.

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